Playing online casino games is fun and entertaining, but most punters enjoy gambling with the hopes of winning. Here is the unbiased truth.

Online Casino Games: A Genuinely Lucrative Activity Or Exciting Propaganda?


The variety of online casino games is among the top reasons why punters register with a particular casino. Indeed, joining an operator with secure payment methods, excellent customer service, and a beautiful site is fantastic, but a terrible gaming offer can dampen the experience. 

The potential of landing a life-changing jackpot is just as popular in terms of reasons for playing casino games. Having clear expectations of what you are doing and choosing your games carefully are the basic requirements for success over time. 

Consequently, it is not a question of can you win real money playing casino games because the answer is yes. The real question is how and how long it will take, so here’s everything you need to know about them.

Comparing Skill & Luck In Online Casino Games


Less-than-successful gamblers usually like to brag about having a fail-proof system of beating a particular game. Regardless of which game they are discussing, somehow, these individuals do not project an image of success in the process. More often than not, they are usually not rolling in the money as one would expect from someone who has figured out a way to beat the industry. Why?

The answer is straightforward: generating a system that works regularly means there must be predictability in the games’ outcomes. However, most online casino games rely on luck to ensure fairness of play. If anything, house odds are always slightly more favorable than player odds, but they are not unbeatable. Regardless, luck-based games are invulnerable to systems and strategies (besides cheating). 

However, luck-based games are entirely player-beatable, and you can make money from them in several ways. How should you interpret the “house always wins” motto, then? It is straightforward: the casino will win, but only after thousands of rolls, spins, or hands in the long run.

In other words, players can win against the casino in the short run. The easiest way to spot a luck-based game is to observe your opponent. If you’re playing virtual casino games, then the casino (house) is your opponent and not other players. The house will have the advantage in this game, especially in the long run. However, you can make plenty of money short-term even in these games.


Contrary to luck-based online casino games, casino titles that rely on players’ skills do not have a house edge. As a result, these are games where the casino acts as a spectator and not a participant. In other words, punters play against each other in these games. Players decide who wins the money, and the casino facilitates the game and takes a small fee as compensation.

When you’re looking to make money long-term by playing casino games, skill-based titles are the better choice. Many players find a way to play casino games for a living by honing their skills and continuously entering competitions (including traditional athletes). As previously mentioned, you should easily spot these games by observing the players’ opponents. 

Can I Make Money Online If I Play Slots?

Online slots fall under the category of luck-based games. In other words, these straightforward online casino games favor the house edge instead of the player. However, you have different ways of making your slot gaming experience lucrative regardless of the long-term house edge.

Ultimately, keep in mind that the casino is going to win eventually, thanks to statistics and the casino’s edge. If you start playing with this notion in mind, you will save yourself a lot of stress and deposit money down the line. Beating professional roulette or slots players is also a tall order, so you shouldn’t hope for these outcomes, either.

But you can turn the casino’s long-term edge into your advantage. Remember that “long term” in the world of online casinos means thousands of roulette spins, possess of craps dice, and so on. Therefore, you can play casino games and never experience the certainty of the house edge. Players can enjoy short-term winning runs and sessions with significant prizes. 

How To Win Real Money Playing Skill-Based Casino Games

Players have the most control over casino game outcomes during games they’re playing against other live opponents. The house claims a small percentage for hosting the game but is not an active participant in any such competition. Therefore, as long as you can continuously find people willing to compete against you, you can play online casino games for a living.

Luck plays a tiny part in these games, and skill is responsible for most game outcomes. In other words, more skilled players will always prevail in the long run, which doesn’t stop less experienced players from winning a few games here and there.

When looking at online games with a proven track record of being skill-dependent and lucrative for players, you have plenty of choices. Examples of such games include Spades, Tonk, Rummy, Backgammon, Chess, Yahtzee, Poker, and more.

Pro Tip: Winning Real Casino Money By Using Bonus Offers

It is also a great idea to temporarily turn the house edge in your favor by using bonus offers. Casino sites give free play, free spins, and free cash to attract new players and retain existing ones. Most players don’t realize that these offers often turn the odds in their favor while in use.

Conversely, allowing you to use the bonus forever is out of the question since a casino exists to earn profits. However, nothing is stopping you from pocketing easy cash by taking advantage of such offers in the short term. Simultaneously, you can even claim different offers across several other sites and maximize your winnings. 

Final Thoughts

When looking to win real money in online casinos, the crucial thing to remember is to have realistic expectations. Most players feel pumped after winning and continue playing and betting against their better judgment. Keep in mind that online casinos use advanced mathematics to ensure long-term profits, which they earn mostly from losing players.

Statistics dictate that players will not win long-term in luck-based casino games. However, if you focus on skill-based online casino games, your odds (pun intended) of winning are much higher.