A cannabis dispensary such as https://lowpricebud.co/provinces/buy-weed-online-british-columbia/ is a licensed store that sells cannabis and cannabis-derived products. Oh, so it’s basically a cannabis shop? Yes, it is a cannabis shop where you can buy all different kinds of cannabis products, including THC Vapes, Dabs, Distillate, Isolate, Gummies, Gelatos, Carts, Edibles, Candies, and more.

The great legalization movement led to the possibility of having cannabis dispensaries like we do today. Kudos to it, opening up a cannabis dispensary and selling safe quality products to customers became a real possibility. Now major chains are opening up in every state providing unique offerings to the consumer, with opportunities to  save money with bulk weed. Transparency in the industry is also increasing as customers become aware of the various options they have.

As cannabis dispensaries are a new phenomenon it is common for people to think about the various things they should know while choosing a dispensary. But you don’t need to worry, we are here to help you out with our thorough guide on how to choose a weed dispensary. We will give you in-depth information about each point, making sure you have all the tools at your disposal for choosing a perfect cannabis dispensary.

Online presence of your Cannabis Dispensary 

A good business is built on the fundamentals of marketing. How the sellers communicate with their potential customers is important because it shows that they’re serious about doing business. An extension of this aspect is the website of a business. 

Your cannabis dispensary should have a sleek, informative website. A product section dedicated to giving details about the various products on sale should be your first source of information. If your cannabis dispensary does not have a website, then you should look for better dispensaries that are more devoted to ensuring that their business grows. 

Ambitions of the organization

We recommend that you check out the website of your cannabis dispensary to see what their offerings and commitments are. Considering checking out their about-us page to see what goals and ambitions drive the organization. E.g. whether it supports organic farming, fair wage, etc. These small considerations might not affect us much directly but they go a long way in ensuring that we build a sustainable space for cannabis in the market.

It’s all about the vibes

Cannabis is a potential therapeutic and recreational herb. There is nothing about cannabis that should make you uncomfortable or wary. The same stands true for your local dispensary. The staff working at a dispensary is its backbone. And a strong backbone here means a friendly and welcoming staff. As a customer, you’re entitled to receive the experience you pay for. Hostile or unattentive staff is not worth your money, and if the dispensary you visit hosts them, then you should move on to another one. 

We recommend you base your expectations of a cannabis dispensary on any other shopping experience you have. It should be professional, welcoming, warm, and helpful. There is no room for discomfort, judgy eyes, or negative vibes!

Ideally, don’t stop at one!

Every month visit one new dispensary for buying your essentials. We recommend you buy your favorite strain at a different dispensary every month to check the quality and price difference. Many dispensaries offer first-time customers discount too. You might be able to land yourself a handsome deal!

Is your dispensary on Mars or the Moon?

Location is an important consideration when we talk about cannabis dispensaries near you. How far the place is from your home should inform your opinion on whether you should choose it or not. Other factors that influence your decision on location are the quantity and regularity with which you buy your products.

If you buy a small batch every week, then it makes sense to choose a dispensary that is nearby to your place. On the other hand, if you buy a large quantity once a month, then location does not really play much of a role.

But in both the cases above, it becomes important that you choose a dispensary that is located in a safe place. You should avoid dispensaries that are in the suburbs or notorious places. There are high chances of you getting mugged in such places because they’re haunted by petty criminals. 

The product line-up

As we recommended above, before visiting a cannabis dispensary pay a visit to their website to get an idea of the place. You can check out their product lineup online and see what they’re offering. A good cannabis dispensary should sell different kinds of cannabinoids from CBD to THC, from HHC to THC-P. It should have a little of everything. Some must-haves include gummies, vapes, and tinctures. 

They might also have a range of products that cater to a specific need, for example, some dispensaries claim to sell cannabis products that help with sleeping, appetite, etc. On the other hand, some have the option for custom formulations that you can order after consultation with a budtender.

Pay close attention to the quality of the weed

Some cannabis products like gummies are susceptible to contamination. They can be contaminated with additives that mimic the psychoactive effects of weed. Except that they’re immensely harmful to you and are way cheaper than the price you’re paying for them. As you buy more products you will be able to tell which products have been contaminated.

But while you’re inexperienced at it, choose a dispensary that provides products that have been certified by a third-party testing lab. Such dispensaries provide a certificate of analysis with their products. This should be one of your top lookout signs for a good dispensary. 

Hold it, smell it, feel it

When buying weed, engage all your five (or three because you can’t really taste or smell it *laughter*) to test the weed. Bad weed smells funky, looks moldy, and feels soft or icky. You should look for the usual signs of bad cannabis products. Also, check for an expiry or manufacturing date and ask your budtender about the shelf life of the product.

It should not make a hole in your pocket

Cannabis is a lifestyle product. Especially CBD. It is something you can use daily for a wide variety of benefits. Therefore, such regular use should come with affordability. Your cannabis dispensary should be affordable for you. You can also look for subscription services that your dispensary might offer. Such services give you a flat 5 or 10 % special discount for loyalty

The all-important budtender

Analogous to a bartender, their job is to provide you with products that suit your need. These guys will help you to pick something that fits the bill for you and is in your budget. Maintain honest open communication with your budtenders.

Knock knock, who’s there? Cannabis!

Weed home delivery is now a reality that many cannabis dispensaries are offering across the country. At an additional price, you will get the comfort of getting your cannabis home delivered while you binge watch tv on your couch, having your favorite munchies.