Esports is one of the globally growing industries in which skilled professionals play video games competitively similar to traditional sports. There are over 380 million people who watch esports globally. Due to the increasing demand of the esports, there are various investors and organizers, who contribute to esports platform development solutions for influencing large numbers of audience towards the business. The statistics show that the industry is expected to generate $ 1.8 billion in revenue by 2022.  The industry includes entertaining sports such as league of legends, counterstrike, Dota 2, and many more.According to Newzoo reports, the esports industry will generate revenue of more than 350 million with a growth rate of 15.7%. There were 885 major events in 2019, generating revenue of more than $ 56.3 million. 

What is Esports?

Esports is an organized form of video games played by professionals at large scale. There are several tournaments held for the players to earn a huge amount of prize money. There are various different games involved in esports including league of legends, counterstrike, dota 2, starcraft and many more. Esports tournament websites are offered by organizers to their users to enjoy the variety of sports and win the exclusive prizes. 

Esports is also gaining its share in the market in terms of viewership. There are various online streaming platforms available such as youtube and twitch. As per the records of Newzoo the number of viewers in esports will rise to 307 million by the end of 2021. 

According to business insiders, the esports industry generated revenue of $1.5 billion in 2020. Along with that, the global viewers reach to 272.2 million by 2020 with a growth rate of 9.6%, it is expected to reach by 350 million in 2023. This year there are more than 2 billion people aware of the esports industry and more than 20,000 participants in esports tournaments. The World Esports Association builds service structure, tournaments guidelines, pay shares, rules and several regulations for different regions to develop the esports industry in the market. 

Top Esports Genres 

With the increasing popularity of esports, the esports games are divided under the top genres as follows:

Multiple Online Battle Arena

This genre is based on a real-time strategy that offers huge prize money to the players. It attracts a large audience and consists of various games such as league of legends, PUBG, Fortnite, and many more. 

First-person shooter

This genre is highly demanded by the audience that involves fighting on a map by the players. Some of the first-person shooter games include the call of duty, counter strike, and many more. This genre has engaging games that are played in different events and tournaments. 

Fighting Games

This category of sports was also popular in traditional sports. Some of the esports fighting games include street fighter, kombat, and many more. 

Real-time strategy games

This genre is popular in the esports industry as it is based on strategy. The players develop strategies continuously unless the opponent’s side eliminates. Starcraft, civilization series are some of the real-time strategy games in esports.

Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games

This genre is known for its role-playing games that include warcraft, starcraft fantasy, and many more. It has a higher prize pool for the players based on several ranges of games and different characters. 

Causes for Developing an Esports Tournament Website:

  • Gaming can influence a large number of audiences easily that encourages them to play. Esports websites can create competitiveness among the audience and can cause benefits to the business. 
  • Esports tournament websites include a specific amount to the owner that would be a source of income for the organizers. It is a golden opportunity to increase the revenue of the business.


  • Esports tournament website is a user- based platform for the players. It has different games available online which are played from different nations.


  • It involves various sports and events that can attract a large audience towards the business. 


  • Esports tournament website has an option to plugin the tournaments with online streaming platforms that helps the users to participate in the live events of the website. 

Fascinating Feature that Must be Included in the Esports Tournament Website

Esports tournament website is an effective way to engage the audience at large scale. The tournament website helps track the games and events. The following features must be available in esports tournament website:

  • Esports management platform must be available on the website so that the users did not miss the upcoming tournaments to play.
  • Social media interaction must be allowed to the players to share the experience on social media platforms. 
  • The website must have an option to create and run tournaments by the players. 
  • The website must be responsive to mobile as well as web users.
  • User-centric platform must be developed for the users that can be accessible easily.
  • The leaderboard feature must be available in the website so that the users can compare the players and choose their own team for the tournament.

Different Ways to Get a Feature-rich Esports Tournament Website

As with the increasing demand of esports attracts a huge audience and many people will surely switch from the other platforms to esports platforms. To gain this opportunities the organizers need to opt for the best possible way of creating an esports tournament website in a following manner:

Esports Website Builder

This approach needs to have a tournament website builder which has all the appropriate features available to create an esports tournament website. These features are beneficial in developing schedules for events, reports, leaderboard and many more. The organizers do not require any coding options. The website builder sites have templates and management portals available for building an esports tournament website. The organizers just need to sign-up to get the benefits of tournament websites builder.


It is another way to build a feature-rich tournament website. Through this the organizers are required to buy a web hosting without any professional experts. WordPress have themes and plugins available that control the looks and functionalities of the website. The organizers can enjoy this approach as it only costs to theme, plugins and hosting. 

Custom Approach of building Esports Tournament Website

To offer the appropriate required features to the audience, the organizers can opt for the custom approach of an esports tournament website. The organizers need to design a user interface for the players. The website must be engaging and develop the website for the players. Custom-approach must include coding for proper functionality. Along with these the following steps must be considered in the custom- approach of esports tournament website:

  • Wire-framing: It is the first step of developing a website that helps in building the entire structure of the website. It is a base for the development of a tournament website. 
  • Design: Once the structure is developed, designing is the next step that helps in building a user-friendly interface and attractive website to influence the users at large. 
  • Development: Development is the next step to implement coding on the website that helps in creating responsive platforms for the users. 
  • APIs: The appropriate programming interface is the steps with protocols that make sure that the website is interacting properly with the users. 
  • Quality Assurance: The next step of quality assurance is the test of the website that proves the appropriate performance of the website without any faults. 
  • Development and Operations: At last this step of development and operation is for reducing the process of the website.


As the esports industry has seen rapid growth in the market it is possible for the businesses to switch to the esports industry. Most of the people are searching for a source of entertainment thus, it is a better opportunity for the organizers to opt for esports and attract more audience to the platform. There are various games and tournaments available in the esports industry. The present statistics show the perfect time for the igaming industry to build feature-rich esports tournament website with the best possible way available above.