When We Need a Bike Rack

Cycling is one of the most common sports there is. Lots of cyclists chose that option because it’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways to stay fit. It doesn’t cause the kind of pain on your joints contact sports or even running does. The only equipment necessary for this pastime are a bicycle and a helmet. Anyone would agree that doing it in the countryside away from urban areas where there’s high-volume traffic makes it less stressful. 

The person gets to enjoy all the natural beauty and the aesthetics of the landscape, moreover. It’s fair to say cycling along country roads is one of the most serene activities there is. Much to their chagrin, not everyone has easy access to nature. Not every city on Earth affords everyone the courtesy bike paths and such. That is what creates the necessity for bike racks. Because most city dwellers are accustomed to the automobile lifestyle, these devices were invented for that very purpose. 

The trickiest part of the equation is knowing what the most suitable bike rack for a car is. It all depends on the type of vehicle the person has. Obviously, one that is geared towards an SUV isn’t going to work for someone who drives a pickup truck. The same can be said for anyone who owns a sedan or coupe. It therefore behooves the buyer to do some research beforehand. If you want to learn how to install a bike rack for on a car, take a look at this page: https://www.wikihow.com/Put-a-Bike-Rack-on-a-Car

The Roof Bike Rack

There are three different types out there. The first and most common one is the roof bike rack. This one is self-explanatory. You mount it onto the roof of the car. The advantage of the roof rack is that it doesn’t obstruct one’s views in any of the windows. Also, it stays clear out of traffic secured on the roof of the car. One need not worried about not being able to check one’s side or rear-view mirrors for oncoming vehicles/There also disadvantages that come with the roof bike rack. 

First and foremost, not every person may be tall enough to install it unto one’s vehicle or mount and dismount the bike from the device if it’s placed atop a van or bus. It won’t do you any good if you don’t have access to a ladder or something else to elevate you so you can reach it. The other is that may be difficult to drive under some tunnels if there isn’t enough clearance for the height of that vehicle. Potentially, the rack and bikes could be knocked off the car. The centrifugal force of the car can also make the bikes roll off once the driver hits the breaks if they’re not secured tightly enough.

Hitch or Towbar

The second type is the hitch or towbar bike rack which mounts on the back of one’s vehicle. This extends outward thereby enabling the driver to mount two or three onto the beam while driving around. It’s more convenient for individuals who are shorter and can’t reach the roof of the car like they could with the former, but this creates other issues. This first drawback with the towbar is that it obstructs the driver’s rear view. The motorist has no way of knowing whether he or she is being tailgated by another. If you want to know which kind has the best reviews, you can check out this site.

The towbar obstructs blind spots on the car making it more difficult for one to change lanes. It can also increase the likelihood of a rear-end collision because it will require each car to have a wider space between the one behind it. On the flipside, the towbar comes with locks and does a more thorough job containing the bikes. It saves the person the trouble of having to buy zip ties or whatever. 

Mature man mounting two bicylcles on car rack before a family outing. He is lifting a bike and tying it with rubber bands.


Trunk Back

The third and final type is trunk back. This is the most cost-effective of the three because it. They share all the advantages the hitch one does except needed extra space for a beam. The only disadvantage towards is they can obstruct one’s view from the rear-view mirror, but they cause less of an impediment to the driver’s blind spot than does the towbar. This type is considered the jack of all trades in that it is suited to accommodate any kind of vehicle save for a pickup truck. Most people who drive pickups wouldn’t even buy bike racks anyway when they can just set them in the truck bed, but that’s another story. If you want to know more about which one is the best bike rack for your car, be sure to check out this page.

Have a Nice Trip

No matter which type of rack the consumer chooses to buy, there is a company in Australia known as Beastie which offers all sorts of selections. Their website goes greater in depth and gives the readers all the information necessary on which types of racks they offer. We all want to get more bang for our bucks and get the best bargain out there. Therefore, it stands to reason that we must do our research before making any kind of investment. In the meantime, have fun cycling should you opt to go this way and adopt this hobby.