Many of Twitch’s popular users use OBS streaming for live streaming their content. They use a software called OBS Studio that is now available in version 19.0.3. The application can be used with Windows, Mac, and Linux machines. The program can be used for several different purposes including video recording and live streaming while multiple sources simultaneously with a wide range of devices including webcams, desktops, and even individual windows. Content from the different sources is collated and provided to, Facebook Live or even MS Teams.

OBS Studio is the most preferred tool for streaming to While thousands of users are streaming, 100 times as many are watching the content. Clearly, it is a popular application for streaming live content. 

OBS Studio was started as a project by a small team. It has many forums for users to share and download plugins. It has a rich plugin ecosystem indeed. Currently, the project has two active channels, one for user chat and support, the other for developers.

Different types of users stream their content on Twitch using OBS Studio. Some of them are graphic designers who use OBS Studio with static graphics and animated browser sources for making creative streams. Invariably they use minimal components like a standard webcam video source with an appropriate background for their stream, capture full-screen, windowed or raw desktop games with OBS studio, dynamic content for showing the number of new followers, donations, or subscriptions, and static or dynamic graphics for bordering and branding.

The user base for OBS Studio is large and growing even further. It is highly engaging and gives streamers capabilities that were earlier restricted to professions with significantly larger budgets. In other words, streamers get complete control over the content that they are broadcasting that until now had been restricted to sports and professional TV network broadcast.

Using OBS Studio with MS Teams

While we have discussed to use of OBS Studio for gaming, it can be used in a professional setting as well, such as with Microsoft Teams.

Here is how to use OBS Studio with MS Teams


  • Go to Meetings tab and select Schedule a meeting.
  • Select the New live event option.
  • Key in the meeting information and tap Next.
  • Go to the Live events settings, select the production type as External encoder.
  • Press the Join button once the meeting is ready to be published in Stream and then on the Start setup on the new window.
  • After a gap of a few seconds, the meeting will be in a state to accept the incoming stream from the OBS Studio application.
  • Make a note of the Server Ingest URL for use in OBS Studio at a later stage.


Making The Best of OBS Studio

Setting up OBS Studio is easy especially with the help of the auto-configuration wizard. The next step is to set up the audio devices and the video source. Eventually, the stream and record settings can be tested. Installing OBS Studio on a hosted virtual desktop server can help teams use the software better. Reach out to Apps4Rent for assistance on OBS Streaming with Microsoft applications.