You may imagine the online gambling lifestyle to be one of glamour and parties. You picture the players living rich on big winnings and surfing the web looking for another newbie to introduce to the hard world of bets and high stakes. 

What this article will explain to you might shock you. Oh yes, these people do thrive on adrenaline, but if you were to pass them on the street, they would probably be very down to earth people. 

These poker players would be calm and in control of themselves. Some of them are full-time lawyers; some devote all their time to playing. These people would probably be knowledgeable, and they might have a poker tattoo, but they wouldn’t display it prominently. 

Few of them have compulsive gambling problems that force them to keep going irrationally. Again, these are often highly intelligent people who love to play the game. Now let’s explore why this is. 

Full-time Job

The pros treat gambling as a full-time lifestyle, gaming on sites like online casino Malaysia, and they have to. You may ask why? Well, the IRS is never going to leave money on the table. Online players always have to pay taxes on their winnings.


Did you think gambling was about being free from responsibility? Not even the biggest pros can afford to lay off self-discipline. For the regular online poker player, pulling long hours at times may be mandatory. 


Furthermore, for them, they have no one to tell them to wake up and get to work. It’s just them and themselves slaving away at their job without anyone else caring. Just them, computer screen, and maybe some virtual faces, are all they see all day. 


Most of these players will work for eight or more hours a day to get enough money to live off of day by day. In the case that they have a family to support, which some of them have, they need to push themselves even harder. 


What makes it even harder is you need to support yourself as if it was a business. They need to have enough savings for living expenses for two months just in case they have a bad streak. There is little security. 


You may wonder, is it worth it? Well, if you love gambling and want to be your boss, it is worth it. The risks are just like that of an entrepreneur. Would you rather be doing something you love for hard work or something you hate for peace and security?


Research Against Luck


Intelligent people make it far in gambling precisely because they can analyze the risks. The best gamblers are the ones who can go against their gut feeling and stick to the logic of the game. What differentiates them from those who play as a hobby.  


It honestly depends on which poker game that they are going up against what they use. For example, in the movie 21, we can take a look at what it means to try to cheat the system. That is immeasurably difficult as online casinos especially are good at tracking who is winning too much. 


Generally, it is wise to stick to the rules instead of getting around the system. Online Casinos, like Malaysia online casino, are usually good about giving you your earning, but here we move into another aspect of being an online gambler, research on where to go. 


Some places are better than others, and some games are better than others for actually making earning. Serious earners will go through reviews like this one of the casimba casino to find out what are the most reliable places to make their living. 


Also, they will do the math for every game that they will play to see what is worth the risk. Poker, Blackjack card counting, Daily Fantasy Sports, sports betting, and video poker are some of the most common online gambling options for the pros. 


Each has its risks involved. Poker is a competition against other people, which means it’s more likely to be even more so skill than luck, and that means careful planning and extreme caution. Sports are mostly going off of success, and Blackjack card counting can be risky. 


Again, it all comes back to careful research and studying. For this reason, many people stick to gambling as a controlled hobby rather than as a profession. People don’t win big very often, but those who play it for a living enjoy it.

Metal Rewards and Stress


Stress is part of life in most cases. Deadlines, procrastination, and rote schedules all play into what weighs us down mentally. Even what you enjoy can turn into an endless grind that seems never to end. 


Gamblers have the issues that normal people have to deal with plus some, the highs and the lows of the game. It is not all bad, for sure! Many times, they will be on top of the world with a great feeling as they sit and count their winnings. 


Other times, it may not be so good. As mentioned earlier, staring into a computer screen all day does not help one’s mental health, desk job, or not. A losing streak could easily spell doom for one’s mental health. 


Some constant highs and lows feed into the cycle of the players’ lives. This factor can be a curse, as well as a blessing. It’s not going to be as dull as a typical office pencil pusher. However, the lows could break those who don’t have a strong mentality. 


There is a reason that gambling does break many people. The truly strong are the ones who push to the top, mentally and emotionally. Does this lifestyle intrigue you? If so, maybe you should try it out. 


To Finish Our Round


It may be shocking to learn what it is like to be an online casino player. These are incredibly dedicated people with intelligence to match the finest. The gambling is intense but very rewarding. 


Is it for everyone? The truth doesn’t lie, probably not. The thrill of doing it as a hobby doesn’t necessarily carry itself into the full-time position. However, the freedom it gives to its players, along with the self-responsibility is what some cannot turn down. 


There are few pros among us, but they should be respected. The dedication that they put into online casinos is most admirable. Even if they don’t make it to becoming famous, they lived the way they wanted to despite the challenges.