Some of the simple laptops have the ability of running games that are high-end but not all simple laptops can run these games.

In a gaming laptop, all we need is to get the best specifications that can easily run all the games without any lag.

We can also make our simple laptop a gaming one just by doing some upgrades and these upgrades may be costly.

But they are very important if you want to make your simple laptop to run all the high-end games otherwise, you cannot play games on it.

These specifications include many things that must be focused on when you are going to make your laptop suitable for gaming.

You need to line up all the hardware to make your laptop best for gaming but without them, you may not make your laptop that efficient.

So, we are going to share some of the hardware that should be replaced if you want to make your simple laptop a gaming laptop.

Install a good RAM

RAM is the basic part of any laptop no matter, it is a gaming laptop or a simple laptop but it is the most significant part.

It is very important if you want to speed up your laptop and play your games without any lag or distraction.

We recommend you to use at least 16GB of RAM if you want to play high-end games because while using this number of RAM, it is easy to speed up your laptop.

There are some types of RAMs and the most common one is DDR4 RAM which is suitable for speedy gaming or high-level gaming.

RAM is a flexible specification and you can easily replace it at any time or make it better. Replacing the RAM will surely help you.

Get a graphics card

It is very common to have a graphics card in a gaming laptop but it is important for a simple laptop too.

But here we are talking about the gaming laptop and in a gaming laptop, we must need a graphics card so that, we can easily run all types of games.

Some games have the requirements of using a graphics card but some can be played without a graphics card.

We recommend using a graphics card if you want to make your graphics and visuals clearer and get good results.

A Graphics card is also needed if you want to make your games play without any lag and it is quite common and professionals also recommend it.

There are many cards available in the market, but we recommend you to use an Nvidia graphics card like the RTX 3070, because they are very efficient.

Get a good storage space

When you want to play games, it is quite obvious that you need to download them and install them on your laptop.

For installing or downloading your favorite game, you need a decent storage space that can help you store your game and its data.

We recommend you to use at least 512 GB storage space or 256GB if you are going to use your laptop for simple use only.

We have two options when it comes to storage; one is using an SSD and the second is using the conventional hard disk drive.

If you want speed then you must go for an SSD and if speed is not your preference, then you can also use a hard disk drive.

Everything has pros and cons, same as we have some flaws in using SSD and same for the hard disk drive.

Hard disk is somehow slower than an SSD but it is under-budget but SSD is surely good in speed and performance but high in price.

Install latest windows

Some modifications must be needed in software. Hardware is not the only thing that is involved in making a gaming laptop.

You need to install the latest windows that are windows 10 and it is very needed if you want to enjoy the full features of your laptop.

There is nothing difficult in installing windows, you can easily install it using a USB or you can buy a DVD of your required windows.

If you will have the latest windows, you can easily download every game without any difficulty and you are not restricted in any aspect.

So, it is very important to have the latest window and the most important thing is you must activate your windows.

Updated drivers

Drivers are very important for every part of the laptop and especially for gaming, we need to update and activate the device drivers.

There are two options for upgrading them; you can upgrade by using a USB or you can buy a DVD of device drivers.

Updating these drivers is not that much costly so, you can easily update the device drivers without having any difficulty.

Updated drivers will surely increase the speed of your laptop and help in many aspects. We have different types of drivers.

There are audio drivers, video drivers, and many more so that, it is very important to have the updated device drivers.

Bottom line

As we mentioned above a simple laptop cannot play high-end games, you need a gaming laptop to play those games.

The second option you can do is to make your simple laptop a gaming one to play all these high-level games.

There is no difficulty in making your simple laptop a gaming laptop because all we need to do is to replace some of the specifications with the best ones.

It may be cost-consuming but it is truly worth it to have a gaming laptop and play every type of game on it.