When it comes to hunting, there are many things that you must have in which some of which are very important and some can be ignored.

As we all know hunting is not that much easy and you need the proper gear to pursue your passion otherwise, it will be something very serious.

Hunting is not that much easy and safe but we make it safe just by following some steps and having the proper equipment.

When we talk about the gear, we have many things in which riflescopes are included and you must know about them.

By seeing the complete Leupold vx13-9×40 review, we can easily get to know about the basics of the riflescopes and how they work.

It is not wrong if we say that without having a riflescope, you can unable to get your target without wasting your time and bullets.

When it comes to scopes, there are many things to be focused on and understand the working of different parts of the scope.

If you don’t have a complete understanding, you may unable to use the scope properly and creates difficulties for you while hunting.

What is a riflescope?

We can say that a riflescope is a device that can zoom your target or magnify them. It is very much needed for long-distance shots.

It is not wrong if we say that farther targets cannot be achieved without using a scope but it is also very important for nearer targets.

There are a variety of scopes using styles, designs, size, and many more things that can be included while hunting.

Everything matters even the size of the scope must be focused on to check the portability of the scope and how easily it can be moved.

We are going to discuss different parts of the scopes that will help you while hunting and make your trip more interesting.

Objective lens

This is the very first thing to talk about, we got the objective lens on the front of the scope and it plays a vital role in magnifying.

Without an objective lens, we cannot even watch the target clearly, it controls the light transmission that will help in magnifying and making the target clearer.

It is also used to transmit light to the ocular lens and it needs to be normalized when it comes to this lens otherwise, the target may not be visible clearly.

The objective lens must be scratch-free to see the targets very clearly and if we have scratches on the lens, the target may not be visible properly.

Ocular lens

The second most important thing is the Ocular lens. It is something small fitted on the rear of the scope that gets the light from the objective lens.

Both the lens is very important for making the target clear and easy to achieve. The main function of this lens is to make the picture clear and visible.

We have some scopes in which this lens is not that focused by the manufacturers which cannot give the proper image of the target.

But it should be focused like the objective lens are important so, it is good to have a clear ocular lens that will surely help you in your hunting trip.

Lens coating

Here comes the coating of the lens, as we mentioned above that the lens should be clear and scratch-free.

So, for making the lens scratch-free, we need to coat the lens and we can have more than one coat on the lens.

There are multi coats that can help in many things like it will save your lens for starches as well as the unnecessary light rays.

When we have unnecessary light rays, it will make some of the reflection that can make your picture unclear and you cannot achieve your target.

We have four types of coating that are named coated, multi-coated, fully coated, and fully multiple coated.

These all coatings are very necessary for your scope if you want a clear image of your target no matter, it is farther or nearer.


As we mentioned above there are many things to focus on in scope and reticle is one of them. We just need to know about it.

The reason for using a reticle is to know the perfect aim of the shot or we can say that from the reticle, we get to know that where to shoot.

If we don’t know how to use the reticle, we may not shoot at the perfect aim so, having complete knowledge about it is very compulsory.

We have some choice when it comes to the reticles that are long and shot. Some of the riflescopes have long reticles and some of them have short.


It is something that can cause the missing if your shot or not getting your target at first. It needs to be solved as soon as possible.

When you take off your eye from the crossfire and then again, you take your eye on it to make an aim then there must be some blurriness that can be caused by the parallax.

That’s why it needs to be solved as soon as possible if you want to make your picture clearer and get your target achieved.

There are three methods to kill the parallax that are factory set, adjustable and third turret. These all can help to fix this problem.

Bottom line

As we mentioned above that hunting is not that much easy and it can be life-threatening if you are not using the proper gear for it.

But it can be made safe just by following some steps and using the proper equipment like guns and riflescopes.

We have discussed some of the information that can help you understand the working of a riflescope and how important it is.