Sports and Technology are almost working hand-in-hand together these days. Some innovated gadgets are meant to help the athletes or even people who are an enthusiast in fitness. Technology has a lot to offer, especially this year 2020. Almost every day, a new type of sports-related gadgets are released, and so, this made it so hard to pick what is right for you, your lifestyle, and of course, your budget.

In picking sports watches, there is a lot to factor that is necessarily needed to be considered. Since the complexity of the sports watches now are rising, and so is how it can affect you, will it be beneficial, or it is just another dull and expensive watch to have. It is really hard to pick the right sports watches that fit with your routine, especially if you are an athlete. – Although it’s not required to have a wristwatch for a specific activity having one is always an advantage. For example, if you’re into triathlon, there’s a particular watch for this which you can find here That can help you keep track of your training progress….


If you are a regular fitness enthusiast or an athlete, picking the right sports watch must be really hard for you. But of course, we are here to help you in any most possible way. The first essential reasons or factors in picking a sports watch is its functionality.

First, you have to determine what routine you do most, or what do you need that is needed for improvement. For example, if you are an athlete and you have to exercise your cardio, you need a sports watch that excels in step counter or heart rate monitors. By doing this, you will benefit a lot with your sports watch since these sports watches cannot help you with the things you do not need.

Also, look or pick the most durable sports watches you can find. For it is very common that when you are exercising, you are always moving and in action. It may, or you can bump the watch into edges accidentally while doing your routine. Considering this is also essential for a lot of watches out there that is complicated yet easy to be destroyed.

Knowing your needs and knowing the best features of a particular sports watch is essential for choosing the right sports watch for the same reason as to why these sports watches are made. Some sports watches excels at some features, and so knowing your needs and their characteristics is, again, a must or important.

For some example, we have a list of sports watches that can be fit with your daily routines.

The Fitbit Versa 2

This sports watch is highly plausible for its step-counter feature that is almost precisely perfect. Also, it is excellent for its sleep-tracking capabilities that can always keep records on your various stages of the slumber. This sports watch is highly recommended by some experts like Melanie Yates for which she found the sports watch as “very sleek” and “intuitive” also, it is very “comfortable.”

Wahoo Fitness Tickr X Heart Rate Monitor

This heart rate monitor is excellent for its convenient Bluetooth and its ANT+ feature. It is also highly recommended by the experts for the reason that this heart rate monitor is full of advanced tracker for walking and running feature. Also, the tracker is said to be highly accurate. This heart rate monitor also has good vibration and LED feedback.


When picking the right sports watch for you, the design is also essential. For the reason that this may or can affect your daily routine. Some models are too complicated for someone, or some designs are too big or too small. And so, you must be careful in picking with the design that is also, you have to consider it to be comfortable for you, especially.

Some enthusiasts are considering the functionality of the watch, along with its design. Some sports watches have both looks and functions. The most exceptional example here is the Patek. These watches can be worn both in business or casual look. Here are also some examples of sports watches that also have an excellent design.

Apple Watch Series 5

This sports watch is considered to be at the best top among sports watches. In fact, there is a review on some site saying that this watch is the “most intuitive” “most desirable” and “the least intimidating” of all.

This sports watch has two design cases, one with 40-mm, and the other one is 44-mm. It is also considered as handy, for it can allow you to keep track of both the time and your exercises smoothly. It is also bright, and you can easily navigate it even when you are under direct sunlight. It also has the most readable display, and it has a long-lasting battery life.

Garmin Venu Smartwatch

The brand considers this smartwatch or sports watch with the most feature-packed and the most user-friendly. The remarkable AMOLED touch screen that is easy to be read even with a glance made this watch to be one of the most exceptional designs of all. Some reviews also said that this watch has the “most extremely capable GPS” and a display that can even challenge the Samsung Galaxy Watch Lines and Apple Watches.

This also has excellent features that can monitor your energy levels, your sleep, your breath, and many more. It also has the on-screen animations which act as a guide to the user, and also it has a free Garmin Coach feature.


Picking the right sports watch or gadgets for you is sometimes hard. It would be best if you considered a lot of things, especially the benefits it can give you. By listing this out, it can help pick the right one for you; whether it is about functionality or the design, it can even be about the brands, prices or anything you have in mind. The most important part here is you are happy with it and the results it gives and also you are comfortable with the watch you have.