Gambling has been popular since the dawn of time because it’s one of the most exciting forms of entertainment. Right now, the most popular type of gambling is sports betting. Bookmakers are all over the world, and they make sport events more interesting – the possibility of winning or losing some money makes games even more fun. Unfortunately, governments in specific countries try to regulate the industry. They often tax it so much that it’s almost impossible to win. Some states decided to forbid sports betting entirely, in order to protect society from the adverse effects on gambling. If you’d like to bet on sports, but your government is successfully preventing you from doing so, make sure to check out this list of countries that are sports betting friendly.

You’re beholden to the laws of a country that you’re in

That’s why so many people are looking for friendly sports betting countries. Just to give you an example – you live in a state where buying alcoholic beverages is legal only when you’re 21 or above, but you’re on holiday in a place where purchasing alcohol is permitted if you are 18 years old. In such a situation, you can legally buy it. 

The same situation applies to betting. If you’re a fan of the sport, but your country’s regulations make it impossible for you to bet, maybe it’s worth traveling abroad? Some people are setting up residences in other countries just to be able to play. Below you’ll find information about the most friendly states for sports gambling. 

United Kingdom

Gambling has been legal in the United Kingdom since 1961. It’s safe to say that it’s a gambler’s paradise. If you love to bet on sports, you won’t be limited by any means. Football, hockey, rugby – you’ll be able to bet on anything you want. People in the UK love football the most. Premier League is an apple in their eye. Bookmakers know about their passion, and they make sure that it’s possible to bet everywhere – you’ll find a lot of betting shops, booths around stadiums during the match day. Also, it’s possible to gamble online. According to estimations, the British gambling industry is worth almost 20 billion dollars, and it’s growing quickly, so it’s definitely an option worth considering.

South Africa

South Africa is one of the most popular gamblers destinations. Betting is legal there, and it goes for all sports, no exceptions. Every year billions of dollars are gambled there. Possibility of winning nice money from sports betting is great, but it’s not the only advantage of gambling in this beautiful country. As you surely know, African countries experience a lot of problems. Starvation, lack of water, medicine, and hygiene measures are not the only ones. Even though part of the society is wealthy, there is still a lot of poverty – when you gamble in South Africa, you help to fight poverty by increasing employment.


Legal gambling in Mexico was established in 2004, and it became popular right away. The only betting restriction in Mexico is age – you have to be at least 18 years old. This country is a very nice alternative for players from the US who’d like to play legally. Besides, when you’re waiting for the most profitable sports events, you can spend your time outside, trying out delicious Mexican cuisine, enjoying the hot weather, and beautiful Mexican beaches.

New Zealand

It’s another beautiful sports betting destination. The gambling industry in New Zealand is still growing, and the variety of choices is great – you can find many betting stores, and online gambling is possible as well. Naturally, the most popular sports in New Zealand are rugby and cricket, but you’ll find a wide variety of other games as well. 


Gamblers from so many countries have only one dream – that their country’s regulations will be just the same as in Australia. Sports betting in the state is legal and licensed, and there are no restrictions whatsoever. There’s a wide variety of depositing money, and currency doesn’t limit you at all – Australian dollars, US dollars, British pounds, and Euros – all of them are accepted. If you’re familiar with cryptocurrencies, you can also use Bitcoins, which is arguably the best and fastest way of depositing funds. Bookmakers in Australia have very advanced regulations, that’s why you can be sure that playing at licensed bookmakers is 100% safe. If you love betting on football, tennis, horse races, or rugby, make sure to check the offer of Australian bookmakers. You will undoubtedly find a vast amount of tempting offers. 

The United Kingdom, South Africa, Mexico, New Zealand, or Australia are just a few examples of countries that are sport betting friendly. If you can’t legally bet on sports in your country, consider traveling to one of them. Besides, remember that sports betting might be hazardous. It sometimes leads to gambling addiction, so please, always remember to play responsibly. Don’t risk money that you can’t afford to lose. Good luck!