The Roma slot machine has been gaining popularity worldwide recently. Developed in 2017, this online slot is a package of what players need. Roma online slots are three-reel slots that come with four bonus rounds, a one-time pay line, and an optional free play. The fan bit about Roma slots is that they have a traditional approach to gaming with a single bet and three reels. 

Usually, when you look at the slot, it appears like a fruit or a gem title. However, it offers you a hint of the ancient Roman Empire. Due to its magnificent symbols, it is easy for players to spin, play the main game, or land in the upper game. 

Each player has a chance to win a maximum of three blue stones, which earns them up to 1,000 credits. Here are the things you need to know about the Roma online slot machine and how to play it. 

Unique Theme of Online Slots of Roma

Just like the name suggests, Rome is an inspiring capital of Italy. As the city is one of the most visited cities on the continent, the Roma slots ought to be popular as well. At first, the Malta Gaming Authority made this game playable in two formats.

  • Online for free: The free mode is for fun and entertainment only. You can access the game whether you are online or offline. Basically, you can play in this mode anywhere and anytime.
  • Real money version: This format entirely involves money and legal coins that reflect, as a currency, the country you are playing in.

The main inspiration for the theme and design of these slots is fruits and Rome’s colors. The outlook of these slots is odds-placed together with a 3×3 play table on a two-marble pillar. 

Some fruits represented include gems, strawberries, lemons, bells, and plums. The theme icons and symbols are shields, falcons, and leaf crowns. Though there is no background music, the machine clicks, and buttons are loud.

Features of Roma’s Online Slot Machine

Roma has the most classic and well-designed online slot machine. Apart from being entertaining, its bonus features are incredibly awesome. Some of the winning and top attributes include:

  1. Upper Game: This feature makes the roma slot stand out among the other slots. Its Upper Game has good progress that allows players to get enough bonuses and credits. Ideally, the Roman temple and soldiers are the characters that make the game relatable. The Roma-free spins are among the players’ favorites to prepare them for the main game.


  1. Slot Bonuses: The online slot machines of Roma offer reliable and generous bonuses. Usually, one icon, let’s say a falcon, spreads its wings and awards you bonus points. Some points awarded range from 3, 6, and 18 consecutively. When the bonus points accumulate, it triggers and upgrades you to the Upper Game.


  1. The Wild: Online Slots Machines of Roma uses the leaf crown label to represent the joker play. This icon triggers three reels and competes with other icons. Although the wild does not support wins, it keeps the game active.


  1. Several Mini-games: One of the most fulfilling experiences for a player is having mini-games in the main game. These random mini-games keep you active and enhance your skills. The online slots from Roma offer various mini-games with four bonuses and free rounds.


  1. Spin and Hold Option: Slot machines in Rome allow you to spin and hold using this feature. The provided NUDGES enable you to press the button and push the reels. This option gives you an active winning combination that is awarded to you randomly. The hold feature helps in combining the chances and activating the wins.

How Do You Play the Roma Slot Game?

Playing the online slots of Roma is effortless, direct, and fast. The setting is always clear as there is a screen set for every slot. Every available reel is centered and has only one winning line. These lines have a symbol with their values on both sides.

To win on the slot, you need to have at least one symbol land on the indicated payline in the middle part of the reels. When you click on the bet, you should choose a credit option number varying from 1, 3, or 5, respectively. All the numbers are available, but you should choose a number that leases you or has a higher value.

The good thing is that the slots have available Nudges that help you move ahead in the column to earn higher prizes. Furthermore, there is an auto-play option to provide automatic spins and possible wins. 

When you press the button, it opens the screen, allowing you to select your preferred number of spins and proceed to the reels. You can also stop the spin by activating the bonuses on the machine. Alternatively, you can finish the game by clicking on the stop button.

Volatility and Accessibility of Roma Online Slots Machine

Usually, many slot machine developers don’t reveal the volatility of the machine publicly. Players find out, theoretically, how much the machine is likely to pay. In this case, the RTP rate of the slot machine is about 90%, which is moderately high for a Roma slot machine. 

On the other hand, the Roma online slot machine has a classic and magnificent appearance intriguing to many players. The game’s appealing themes enhance innovativeness and give an entirely good vibe when playing the slot. This game uses internet and technology to access various platforms. The game is accessible on phones and desktops. It is also compatible with iOS and Android devices.


Due to the thousands of games produced every year, online slots are becoming common. The Roma online slot machine is a player’s favorite due to its user interface and simple slots. The game stands out due to its classic look and incomparable features. Rama slots have too much to offer under the same roof, so if you go for this slot game, there will never be a dull moment for you.