2021 may be coming to an end in less than 1.5 months, but for sports lovers, these months will premiere the best of shows. Everything from cricket, rugby, golf to racing, snooker, and tennis spread all over November and December. As a sports fan, you know you’ll be spending the hours of the day crouched to watch them all.

Which is why this guide for the top streaming networks for sports shows is just what you need. For some networks with regional limitations, users around the globe get frustrated especially when they miss out their favorite game due to these geo-restrictions. 

Similarly different sports networks get official rights of streaming live sports which are often not available in one region or the other. That’s an irony. For example ESPN+ is one of the top streaming channel enjoying official rights of many Sports series but it is not available in Canada or elsewhere outside USA. But thanks to the VPN technology, you can access ESPN+ to watch live sports matches in Canada such as NFL, MLB, UFC, PGS, IPL and many more. 

To make sure there are no challenges and no missing of your favorite game, we’ll walk you through every top sports streaming options for Canada, their features and benefits. By the end, you will have a personal pick that will rekindle your sports spirit and give you an awesome streaming experience.

Let’s start with the top streaming networks for sports lovers in Canada:

  • YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a popular name in the live TV streaming industry. With over 85+ channels, YouTube TV has been crowned as Editor’s Choice of many Sports editions. It also offers unlimited DVR space, so you can download a lot of content for some offline viewing. With a great monthly price of 64.99$ (81.85 CAD), it gives 6 accounts with 3 simultaneous streams as well. 

They also have great add-ons for some premium sports channels like Fox Soccer Plus, Stadium College Sports, beIN sports, and many more. YouTube TV requires a VPN for access since it only operates in USA. 

  • ESPN Plus

ESPN+ streaming service is exclusively for sports lovers, as it houses the best of channels, championships, and competitions. It may be relatively new, but it offers a great content library with original sports coverages and a few big network games. Its starting price is 6.99$/month (8.80 CAD). It even has a great bundle offer that includes Disney, Hulu, and ESPN plus together for 13.99$/month (17.62 CAD).

ESPN plus also does not broadcast beyond US borders, which is why a VPN is required for access it in Canada and other parts of the world.   

  • Hulu Live

Hulu Live is a much popular live TV streaming service and is a great pick for sports TV streaming. For fans of NFL and NBA, Hulu live offers the live coverage as an add-on. Hulu Live is priced from 5.99$/month (8.80 CAD) (Amongst the cheapest options) and its live TV streaming comes at 64.99$/month (84.83 CAD) It has greater compatibility across various devices. It is a great option for cord cutters. Hulu Live also requires a VPN for access. 

  • FuboTV

The past 3 options had geographical restrictions, but here is a streaming network that needs no VPN. FuboTV is a great place to catch recent sporting events. Some of the best sports channel on the stream include MLB Network, Paramount Network, beIN Sports, GameTV and Benfica TV. 

They have a quarterly or annual payment method which starts at 29.99$/quarter (37.77 CAD) or 99.99$/year (125.95 CAD). Fubo TV also has improved DVR functionality and greater compatibility.

  • Sling TV

This next pick is the ideal cable replacement choice. It may not have Video-On-Demand (VOD) service, but live TV is where all the broadcastings are. Sling TV starts from 35$/month. (44.09 CAD) with add-ons for specific channels at 6$/month (7.56 CAD). 

The sports side of Sling TV includes channels like ESPN2, ESPN3, Fox Sports 1, NFL Network, NBC Sports Network, and many more. Sling TV is also geo-restricted for US viewership, which means you’ll need to use VPNs to access it.

  • Prime Video

Amazon owned Prime Video is our sixth and last choice for a strong streaming network. It offers prime 4K content and great offline features and uses. It will take some time to get used to the cluttered interface but after that, it is a great pick to have. 

Prime Video is simply the “rich man’s choice” (not a real title) for entertainment. That is because it is pricey, and the add-ons only add up further cost. But what it lacks for, in terms of price, it makes up through exclusive high-quality content in 4K resolution. It also has a great watch party feature that can get you and your friends hyped during the season playoffs. 

Prime video also does not operate outside the US which is why a paid VPN is required. After that, you have access to a great library of Videos on demand and live TV channels. 


With these 6 options for Live Sports streaming, you’re off to a great start on the sports season. These options have more elaborate plans that are divided based on ads, DVR storage, and channel accessibility. All these options, except for FuboTV require a VPN to unblock them in Canada, but it is a small price to pay for some great sports content. So, kick back, relax and have a great season of streaming right here at your homes in Canada.