The pinball game trend exploded in the mid-1980s but towards the turn of the century experienced a downtrend with most users preferring to play virtual internet games instead. 

However, according to the international flipper pinball association, there has been a more than 800% increase in the number of players between 2009 and 2019. This coincided with the increase of pinball machine selections available to players.

Playing the game has never been more fun. If you want to learn how to play the game or get even better to be able to post incredible scores and get replays, you’ll see 7 easy steps to start playing like a pro.

These tips wouldn’t perform magic overnight but with persistence, you can greatly increase your mastery of the pinball game.

Without further ado:

  • Practice a Lot

If you want to get better at pinball or almost anything at all, practicing is essential. The art of repetition brings mastery to whatever you do.

Practicing would be a whole lot better if you have a pinball machine at home but you can still visit local bars and event centers to get acquainted with the game. 

When you practice, you train your mind, eyes, and hand to be in sync with the game helping you execute faster commands. You want to focus on the basics of the game at the initial stage till you’ve mastered it.

  • Watch and Listen

Some new players may be finding it difficult playing the game because they aren’t paying attention to the tips the game drops in its sound and visual content. Pinball makes it easier for new players to adapt by providing both sound tips and visual tips on its display.

If you want to get better quickly, train your eyes and ears to pay attention to the game and notice the tips it provides users. These tips may include a sound change showing your opponent is about to release a powerful shot or some on-screen direction on the next step to take.

  • Watch the Best Players in Action

The pinball machine is not the only thing you watch to get better. Watching actual professionals play will greatly improve your skill and understanding of the game.

When playing pinball yourself, you usually have less than a split second to make a decision, and most of the time you are not able to analyze why you took that decision or if there are other better options available. 

When watching a professional play, you not only get to learn new ways to play the game but you can also analyze their decisions.

  • Learn the Rules of the Game

Without a proper understanding of how the game works and its rules, you cannot become a pro. Get yourself acquainted with the rules of the game. These rules can be found online and studying them will give you a better understanding of the game.

  • Practice Your Standing Position

You want to be as comfortable as possible when playing pinball and because you might be playing for a long time, a comfortable stance is necessary.

You can decide to stand, sit on a chair or lean on the machine, the aim is to get a position that is not only comfortable but positions you centrally so you can access all the pinball controls during the game without stress.

  • Compete With Other Players

You can practice all you want, but if you shy away from competitive games, your skills will be limited. Actual competitive games bring experience and let you try out all you’ve been practicing.

You don’t have to win the games, just give it your best shot and you’ll begin to notice better gameplay with each competitive game you play.

If you can, get games with people better than you. Sure, you’ll lose more than a few games but the skills you’ll develop in a short while would be almost dramatic.

  • Don’t Forget to Have Fun

While the aim is to get better, don’t forget to have fun while at it. When you’re enjoying the game, your mind is more open to learning more.

Remember it’s just a game, keep your cool when it becomes tough and enjoy the game.



Learning to play pinball can be made easier by following the listed 7 tips. Patience is needed when playing the game as you will not become an expert overnight but will continue to notice changes in your game as you implement the steps.