We have said it before and will say it again.

Blunt wraps are fantastic, and you know it. 

But how do you roll your first blunt wrap? It isn’t easy; however, lucky for you, we have put together this guide to help you confidently roll one in your first go! 

Considering the number of stoners and weed smokers, it is a bit surprising that so many people can’t roll a blunt. Given the bongs, pipes, and all other devices are amazing, everyone should get to experience what it’s like to puff a juicy, nicely put-together blunt. 

But first;

What is a Blunt Wrap? 

Speaking loosely, they are essentially a cigar which has been hollowed out and filled with cannabis. 

Typically, you can use blunt wrap papers to prepare these. The wraps are available easily from shops that sell rolling paper. 

You also must not confuse a joint and a blunt, while they are similar, only a blunt uses tobacco paper, is longer and thus offers more high. 

To understand its magnetism, it’s best to have a hands-on experience of smoking a piece –and if you are up for the challenge of rolling one, you won’t be disappointed. 

Quantity of Weed 

Blunts are bigger than regular cigarillos and can hold between 1 to 2 grams of cannabis. 

You might also need more – true story!

One should understand how much weed can be packed based on the size of the blunt wrap – this, however, comes with trial and error. The quantity of cannabis might increase more if you are planning to share it rather than smoking it by yourself. These factors affect the amount of cannabis in a blunt, and let us tell you;

You can put in as much as you want. 

While remembering,

Blunts are not for Everyone 

Stoners either love or hate them – and there is no in-between. 

The choice is split in terms of where people align – mainly for the same reasons people love blunts while others hate them. 

The added smell and buzz of a tobacco wrap is one of the reasons – some love the little extra while others do not. The bottom line is these are not for everyone. 


This, how to roll your first blunt wrap guide will tell you exactly how to prepare a perfect one.

How to Roll a Blunt?

Follow the easy steps below;

Grind up Cannabis 

Grind your cannabis into a shake.

Large buds of cannabis will not make a good and consistent smoke. You need to grind your herb down with a grinder to a fine consistency for an even burn. 

If you prefer a slower burn, go for the traditional way of using your hands to crush cannabis. 

Prepare Blunt Wrap

Preparation of the wrap is diversified. 

If you are using a cigar or a cigarillo – cut down in the middle with a razor to empty out the tobacco. Or, if you want to use a pre-hallowed wrap, you can easily buy it at any corner store. 

Moisten Up 

Moistening the wraps might seem peculiar, but it is important. 

Wetting the wrap helps seal up accidental tears that might happen during the cutting, emptying or rolling process, also making it easier to handle. 

Fill up with Cannabis 

Pack your wraps with the good stuff.

Do remember that the standard amount of marijuana in a blunt is between 1 to 2 grams, but feel free to adjust if you plan on smoking with a group.  

Roll the Blunt

Now comes the tricky part – hang on, we got you.

You will need some practice rolling, so use both hands to bring one edge of the blunt wrap over the other and tuck in, encasing the marijuana completely. 

Seal up and Puff

Seal by moistening or licking up the edge of the wrap. 

Press the edge just like you seal a letter; the moisture will seal the entire length of the edges. Ensure it is wholly sealed over the whole wrap length to avoid spillage and breaking, and there you have it, your blunt is ready to smoke.

Final Thoughts? 

They are a must try, at least once in a lifetime. 

Blunts might not be as iconic as the joints, but they are still a worthwhile experience. Ultimately, whether you like or hate them will likely come down to how you feel about the fusion of tobacco paper and marijuana with the added smell, flavor, and buzz. 

If you want to try it out, know it is a simple process, and after rolling a few, you will be a pro, so don’t let the rolling process deter you. 

Safe Stoner Travels!