There can be a steep learning curve when it comes to cannabis cultivation, but once a home grower can perfect the process it is generally easy to attempt and every situation has a lesson to be learned. While there are different methods for growing cannabis, the main goal is to yield a bountiful harvest of beautiful nugs at the end for enjoyment. The home growth journey might be smoother for some than others, so knowing which mistakes to avoid can be crucial to the success or failure of a cannabis plant. Here are the top cannabis seeds growing mistakes to avoid so you can give your new plant babies the best shot at life possible. 

Choosing cannabis seeds incorrectly

Not all cannabis seeds are created equal, and there are three different types of cannabis seeds available for home growers: regular/natural cannabis seeds, feminized cannabis seeds, and autoflower cannabis seeds. In order to know which cannabis seeds are best for you, pay attention to the information provided on the product label regarding the expected flowering cannabis period, best climate range, nutritional requirements, how much yield to expect, and more. If this information is not available you can always perform your own research, but most reputable sellers such as Zamnesia will have this provided as a good sign of quality. Quick pro tip, the dirty or brown colored cannabis seeds will have the best chance at harvesting versus a light green or other lightly colored cannabis seed. Choosing the dark brown cannabis seeds to grow should already give you a leg up as compared to ones that are not ready to germinate. 

Know what you are growing

There are so many cannabis seeds to try out, but where should you start? While it is unrealistic to know every type of cannabis seed out there, it is most helpful to know what you are growing to serve your purpose of why you are growing it. Every strain has different growth requirements, so using cannabis seeds that will thrive in the region you plan on growing it in will automatically give them a better shot at life, rather than shocking the cannabis seeds into climates it would not thrive and grow in otherwise. 

Using the wrong materials

Ensuring the best materials for cannabis seeds to germinate and grow a healthy harvest is an easy step to take before the growing process even begins. Using the right plant pots, the correct soil and having a scheduled watering time will take any plant from average to extraordinary, but on the contrary if any of these aspects are lacking in the growth process it will reflect poorly through the plant’s health. 

Fresh, nutrient rich soil

When it comes down to dealing with soil, make sure it is good quality soil full of the proper nutrients every cannabis seed needs in order to grow. Using old or contaminated soil can potentially stunt the growth of cannabis seeds without proper soil management occurring frequently. 

Pot size types

Depending on the cannabis seeds being used and how many will grow, the correct pot size with drainage must be considered so the plant can fully intake nutrients with room to breathe (aka drainage). Overlooking these simple items can hold your harvest back from full growth.

Over or underwatering

One of the easiest things a home grower can monitor is the amount of water given to growing plants. In reality, overwatering is more harmful than underwatering, along with overfeeding plant nutrients too. Keeping to a schedule that works best for a specific cannabis seed strain and the environment it is in will make it much easier on the grower. 

Germination stage failures

Home growers need to give their cannabis seeds the opportunity to sprout so it can be planted in soil and eventually yield a full harvest. But if you are germinating cannabis seeds incorrectly, they won’t have a proper shot at growing beautiful buds and can be considered useless duds. Make sure each germination stage has the following conditions for optimal sprout success:

  • Environment should be dark and moist (humid, but not wet)
  • Germination temperatures should be between 70 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity levels between 60 – 90%. For exact temperatures and humidity, it is best to research the specific cannabis seed strain being used to germinate
  • Lighting and handling of seeds are important and can affect the sprouting process if damaged or contaminated
  • Method of germination (paper towel method, glass water method, soil method, etc.) they are all relatively the same and simple to execute

Cannabis seeds handling

Plants almost always show us what they need, so try your best at understanding them and give yourself grace if the odds don’t end up in your favor. There are so many cannabis seed options at EF420 to choose from so don’t get discouraged if you need to redirect your efforts towards another cannabis seed strain. Everyone makes mistakes throughout the cannabis cultivation process so dust yourself off, smoke a bowl and try again now that you know what to avoid. Keep trying to develop your green thumb and know the beautiful reward of your own home grown buds will be the best reward in the end.