The risks of injuries and drowning are real when kayaking. You can easily find kayak rentals in Bend Oregon. However, when it comes to safety on the water, you need to join kayak classes. Chances of getting injured when kayaking are very low if you are following some essential safety tips. Things can go terrible very quickly if you are dealing with water wrongly. This is the reason why you should be aware of the risks and hazards involved in kayaking. While you want the best experience, you should prepare for the worst. Here are the ten tips you must follow to maximize your safety.       

Wear a life jacket   

Not wearing a life jacket is serious safety negligence and this safety negligence amounts to 48% of the kayak fatalities. In the case of canoeing, this safety negligence amounts to 85%. So just by wearing a life jacket, you can reduce the risk of dying. If you feel uncomfortable with the regular life jacket, you can use kayaking specific life jackets. You will get this life jacket with kayak rentals.

Choose weather specific dress                

Overdress when it’s too cold. Always check the weather forecast. Check water temperature as well. Sometimes weather changes quickly. Prepare for this as well. Wear a dry suit that will keep you warm in colder weather. Protect your skin from the sun with a hat and long sleeves. Wear a rain jacket if rain is expected. Learn about the local wind patterns.     

Follow boating rules

Learn about the local boating rules. While you can enjoy the surroundings in solitude when you are the only person boating, it is good to have a company. “See and be seen” when you have a company.  Wear bright and reflective clothing. This becomes more important when you are kayaking in busy waters. Learn the rules.

Wear a helmet

Wear a helmet if you are kayaking in fast-flowing rivers.

Choose a suitable kayaking location

Consider the following factors while choosing a location for kayaking:

  • Your skills
  • Your experience
  • Your abilities
  • Your ambitions

A kayaking location that is ideal for you may not be ideal for your friend. Start with kayaking on shallow waters in rivers or calm bays. Shallow waters are best for improving your skills. Once your skills are developed, you can go for kayaking on windy lakes. No matter where you are, always know your limits.

Don’t drink and paddle

No mental awareness is expected when you are drunk. This is not safe for you and kayaking in drunken state may be unsafe for others as well. Say no to alcohol and drugs while kayaking. Wait for the sunset. You can enjoy your beer in the evening.

Practice getting back in a kayak

This is an important kayaking safety tip. You have already practiced enough how you can get in and out a kayak. However, when you fall into the water, you need to get back in your kayak again. This time it is entirely different. You should practice getting back in the kayak. This becomes challenging and even dangerous when you flip over. First of all, you will have to empty it out. So first of all, practice in a shallow spot.            

Keep someone informed

Tell one of your family members or friends about your plans. Tell them about the location, your camping spots, duration and the group you have joined. Stick to the plan.

Cold water safety

Cold water can impair your judgment. It takes a toll on your muscle strength and reduces coordination. There is a risk of cold water shock in cold water.

Check your equipment

When you go for kayak rentals in Bend Oregon, either make sure that the equipment is brand new or thoroughly check the conditions of the equipment.