On Thursday in federal court, FBI witness Louis Martin Blazer spoke about comments Christian Dawkins made during a wiretapped conversation with Clemson assistant coach Steve Smith. 

The two were recorded talking about the recruitment of Zion Williamson.  Blazer revealed that Duke, UNC and Kentucky were all involved in a bidding war for the top recruit’s services.

Via Bleacher Report:

“Duke, UNC and Kentucky will have people in place to pay whatever’s necessary for Zion Williamson,” he said. “Whatever Zion Williamson’s family needed, we would be able to step in and [help with money] if it was close.”

What?  Are you telling me the three schools who always end up with the top recruits are paying for them? 

That doesn’t seem like a thing that would happen in college athletics.  Especially not at Duke, UNC and Kentucky.  Those schools would never get involved in a bidding war.

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