There is no end of enthusiasm when you are a lover of soccer games. Regardless of which part of the world you reside, you are sure to come to terms with other soccer lovers. However, many people harbor the misconception that they cannot watch the soccer games without the cable television, which is wrong. With the advent of live streaming services, you can now watch the sporting events live on your television, PC or the mobile phone. So, if you are planning to say goodbye to the cord, you can count yourself as one of the luckiest people to enjoy watching your favorite soccer players live in action.

The most challenging part of streaming soccer games without cable is to figure out the channels you need. Moreover, you also need to know where to find those channels to make things look easy and accessible. You can get a service that offers a few channels but even if you cannot, you are sure to get a selected coverage. All you need to know the amount of coverage you are curious to get. You can choose specific channels that can be accessed through the streaming services, so you can now get an opportunity to watch your favorite sports even if you are a cord cutter. 

The following are the channels you need to choose for soccer streams without using the cable connection.

  • Fubo TV

Fubo TV is undoubtedly is an excellent option to choose for streaming soccer games without watching without cable. With this option, you can access most of the channels for watching soccer, and it is an option that allow the soccer lovers to initiate the action to stream the games without cable. Although Fubo TV offers other forms of entertainment, the sports coverage is significantly higher. All you need to know the pricing options for the packages you need to avail or whether you can get more content without additional fees. 

You can stream the matches from the comfort of your home or any other location on your gaming console, mobile device, Amazon Fire TV or Roku. It contains over ninety channels with prominent porting actions, such as NBC Sports Network, Fox Sports 1, and beIN Sports through which you can view the live soccer matches without cable. It is one of the best options to cater to the requirements of soccer lovers in the US. The services is compatible with Android and iOS along with Mac and PC browsers. You can access two streams with one account and three streams with the service upgrades. 

  • Hulu TV

Hulu TV is another option to select as it is one of the major players in the live streaming market. This service steams a large number of live soccer matches. Hulu is an excellent service for the soccer fans and allows them to access TNT, ESPN, Fox Sports 1, Telemundo, and NBC Sports Network. Apart from this you can get plenty of other channels through Hulu with an additional fee. Hulu TY is available on smart televisions, gaming consoles, mobile phones, and tablets. Apart from this, the service can be accessed on the browsers of your desktop, whether in Mac or PC. With a single account, you can get two streams and upgrade to unlimited streams with an additional service. 

  • AT&T TV

If you are a soccer fan and want to get covered with the sporting channels, AT&T TV is the choice to make. Through this service, you can access various sporting channels, such as Fox Sports, ESPN, TNT, and Telemundo through reasonable packages. For more soccer options, you need to choose the high-pay package, such as Ultimate. If you decide to use AT&T TV for streaming soccer games, you will find it one of the most effective options on a variety of devices. Some of the devices that are compatible with this service includes, iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS, along with TV streaming services like Android TV, Apple TV, and Roku. For a single account, you can get two steams and the third one is available for a fee. You can choose content from ESPN through AT&T TV, along with FA Cup, Serie A, MLS, and EFL. 

Closing thoughts

Cables are an option from the past for those who are keen to watch soccer. However, the scenario has changed a lot today, and with the services discussed above, you can watch as much soccer as you want as you can stream them live on your preferred devices. Most of the streaming services come with a free trial, so try them today and get your peace of mind as cord cutter.