ICC World Cup t20 considering to be the most favorite in International cricket tournaments by the fans. It has been consisting of more than 16 teams now, but only 10 of them do qualify for the tournament depending on their ratings.

It started in 2007 in which India won Final by Pakistan from just 5 runs. After two years Pakistan came back and won the tournament by winning final from Sri Lanka in 2009.

After these two first champions, England, Sri Lanka, and West Indies won t20 world champion. West Indies is the only team which has won this title two times, in 2012 and 2016. Both were dramatic winnings by the West Indies in the finals.

ICC T20 Worldcup In 2020

Now the t20 tournament has come back again in 2020. ICC T20 World Cup 2020 will be the 7th tournament of this twenty overs short game. People are very excited for the tournament. 

T20 championship this year is going to be held in Australia. It will start in the month October and will be end in November. Dates of starting the tournament has been set to 18 Oct, 2020 but it will clear after few months.

There would be 10 teams playing the tournament this team. The teams will have been selected on the basis of their ratings among 16 plus teams. They will compete with each other and go on top with group stages. There will be a second group stage and then semifinal and the finals. One winner will be selected though after all these super competitive matches. Who knows that who will win?

UAE and Nepal has been making their ways to the ICC t20 2020 championship tournament. There is also some crisis of the teams Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. It would also be resolve with the time. The crisis is about their qualification in the tournament as there will be 10 teams with top ratings. 

Sri Lanka And Bangladesh Ratings Got Down

Sri Lanka and Bangladesh’s ratings got down, that’s why they are playing in danger to qualify in the tournament of in 2020. They will play against low rating teams like UAE and Nepal, and winner in those matches will qualify with the six teams already qualified in the tournament. Those 6 teams will be Pakistan, India, Australia, England, New Zealand and West Indies are the qualifiers of the 2nd group stage of the tournament. 

The first and second match has been very interested. It is between the top teams of the t20 format. First match will be in Sydney between Pakistan and Australia on 24 October, and the second one will be India vs. South Africa in Perth Stadium on the same date.

Icc T20 World Cup 2020 Venue

ICC has declared that the final of the tournament will be in Melbourne. Melbourne is the finest city of Australia. Cricketers also love this venue and it will also create the history in the month of November. We have been getting all this information from a cricket site online, for further Icc T20 World Cup news and updates visit CricTribune.

Other matches venues will be decided later, that which match will held on which venue.

But we could tell you the name of the most appropriate venues in the Australia.

  • Melbourne Cricket Ground
  • Sydney Cricket Stadium
  • Optus Stadium
  • Manuka Oval
  • Blunstone The Gaba