Ice Hockey, much like all other sport sectors has of course been experiencing no end of financial problems over the last 12 months, however if everything goes to plan moving forward, it will not be long before things start to get back to some form of normality for those involved in that sport.

Betting expert Doug Hirdle from says that fans of NHL betting are hoping normality does return soon and they can start planning their up coming bets and wagers in the way they once did and can once again lock in a profit when their chosen teams win.

However, it is feared that the world of Ice Hockey as we once knew it is going to change, and we are all going to have to get used to those changes if we plan to attend any up and coming matches. With that in mind I will be taking a look below, at what some of those changes may just turn out to be.

Lower Capacity at Ice Hockey Arenas  

When finally, lockdowns come to an end and we are permitted to attend Ice Hockey matches once again, I am led to believe that in the short term at least most if not all arenas are going to be operating with a much lower capacity.

As for just how long that will be the case does of course remain to be seen, but it will be something you could compare to baby steps and we should at least rejoice in the fact that Ice Hockey arenas will once again be open, and matches will be being played.

It will also be the case that whilst social distancing will be in place at those venues, well as far as you can socially distance in an Ice Hockey arena, those visiting such a venue will probably also be required to wear a face covering for the short term too, so that is going to take some getting used to for sure but is something we will all have to endure I suppose.

Higher Ice Hockey Match Tickets 

With their advertising revenues and sponsorship deals being cut, and with a potential reduction in the number of fans and spectators they will be able to offer in their respective arenas, there is the fear that many Ice Hockey teams are going to have no other option open to them but to increase the cost of tickets to attend their upcoming matches.

That will not go down well with many fans of the sport of course, however I am on the mind that some fans will be happy to pay an increased price to watch their favourite teams play, for they will know that those teams need that extra income stream, and many of them will be happy to get out of the house for a bit too.

However, over the long term it is hoped the economy will recover and word does have it that the economy should get back into shape sooner rather than later, and when it does those advertisers and team sponsors that had no other option be to desert the sport will return, and if they do ticket prices to attend an Ice Hockey match better get lower!

For Many People It Has Been Difficult to Adapt 

I have spoken to a great many people during the pandemic, and one thing that has stuck in my mind is that even those I thought were strong people, have at times found life hard to cope with during repeated lockdowns and many may also struggle to adapt moving forward.

I am a great believer in the power of support, and therefore if you need someone to talk to in regard to your own personal mental health, always keep in mind that there are plenty of support groups available who you can contact at any time of the night or day when you need someone to talk to.