A few years ago, the Supreme Court had a landmark decision to make. Before it was a federal ban on all sports betting, meaning that no matter the state, sports betting could never be legal. The Court had to decide whether it agreed with this ban or whether it was time to allow states freedom to decide for themselves whether sports betting should be legal or not. The decision that followed was to discard the ban and allow for the legal action of betting on sports.

The decision by the Court was arguably the right one as sports betting has turned out to be a massive industry throughout the country. Many states have been quick to embrace the opportunity to legalize sports betting and have seen massive contributions to their economies as a result. 

In 2021 the sports betting industry generated 230% more revenue than throughout the whole of 2020 with more and more states allowing for online sports betting, instead of requiring in-person bets to be made at bookies. Sports betting overall generated around $4 billion in revenue throughout the year.

Where is Sports Betting Legal? 

A few states that have embraced the sports betting industry and have seen massive profits are: 


In Arizona, sports betting was legalized shortly after the decision in the Supreme Court. The state passed an all-encompassing sports betting bill which not only allowed for in-person sports betting but also allowed fully for mobile and online wagering as well as in-stadium sports bookies, meaning that fans at stadiums can participate in the fun when they’re feeling confident and lucky. 


The people of Maryland made their voices heard by voting to legalize sports betting in the state during 2020. This meant that Maryland was the last mid-Atlantic state to legalize sports wagering. In-person betting is the only form of sports betting allowed in the state and is expected to kick off in 2022. 

New York

New York has always had retail sports betting at a number of their state casinos and other gambling properties. The state was quick to capitalize on the obvious economic boost that sports betting can ensure. Online betting, however, took a little bit longer to gain full recognition and legalization. As of today, sports bettors in New York have a free choice of sports betting and can take their bets online or in-person in casinos and stadiums. 

These are just a few of the notable states where sports betting became legal following the decision of the Supreme Court to unban all forms of wagering. Other states where sports betting is legal, whether in-person or online, are North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Nevada.

If the trend continues and more states realize the potential stored within sports and wagering, then the country is not far away from allowing sports betting in each and every state. In the meantime, Black Lotus Casino welcomes players from across the US and beyond.