The world of poker is a bigger business than many people realize and the potential to win huge sums of money is always there if you’ve got the necessary skills. Top players in the poker industry regularly take home six to seven-figure winnings, and on special occasions, the money won has been beyond spectacular. 

Over the past few decades, there have been massive poker events, like the World Series of Poker and the tournaments hosted by the One Drop Foundation where sums of millions have been taken home by the winners. Massive poker tournaments happen rather regularly and as such there can be a list of some of the biggest ever poker wins.

2014 Big One for One Drop Foundation

The One Drop Foundation was founded by businessman Guy Laliberte, who surprisingly is also the owner of the Cirque du Soleil, traveling performance crew. Unsurprisingly Guy has a lot of money to burn and as such has used his events, such as the One Drop Tournaments to raise money for poorer communities around the world. His goal is to provide safe drinking water to as many people as he can. 

In 2014 Dan Coleman, a professional American Poker Player, took home one of the biggest prize kitties ever seen in poker history at the One Drop Foundation Tournament. Coleman on the grand prize, beating off the likes of Daniel Negreanu, who in coming second place took home prize money amounting to $8 million. Dan Coleman on the other hand won a whopping $15 million for coming first place at the tournament. 

2012 Big One for One Drop

It is surprising that most of the biggest poker wins of all time come from the One Drop Foundation Poker Tournament. What this shows is the incredible amount of money raised for the mission of providing safe drinking water to impoverished people. One of the biggest contributing wins to this mission was the 2012 edition of the One Drop Tournament in which Sam Trickett came out victorious. He took home an incredible $10 million in winnings that night.  

2006 WSOP Main Event

Moving away from the One Drop Tournament to look at big winnings at other tournaments takes us back to the aforementioned World Series of Poker Tournament, specifically the 2006 edition. The tournament came at a time when there was a serious poker boom in the mid-2000s making the prize money for that time seem absolutely ridiculous. These days, you can play poker just about anywhere, in many forms, including at Crypto Thrills online casino.

In 2006 there were over 8000 entries to the tournament, the most ever recorded in History before that point was around 800 entries, emphasizing the growing interest and popularity surrounding poker. This surely rose to immeasurable heights when Jamie Gold took home the first-place prize, which amounted to an unbelievable $12 million. The world of poker was turned on its head and the prize money at big tournaments now mimic what was seen at the 2006 WSOP Main Event.