The fashion for a healthy lifestyle is gaining momentum: more and more girls can be seen at the gym than on a date with a guy from tinderbox, and more people order green smoothies in bars than traditional mojitos.

Is it all the fault of those Instagram chicks who strenuously promote the charms of good living? Unfortunately, it is not as simple as it seems. Pilates and aerobics no longer surprise anyone. And fitness clubs need to tirelessly follow the trends in the world of sports, not letting their customers get bored. After all, it is with the first fall colder weather that people return to the gyms for training. And for the more gambling people, India cricket betting sites will be a more exciting pastime.

Among the new trends in sports can be noticed such types:

  • Aerostretching;
  • Reformer;
  • Body ballet and others.

A healthy lifestyle is a new trend of the XXI century.

The wellness market has been rapidly evolving and capturing new niches. As a result, the leading players in the industry earn about $ 3.7 trillion per year – a colossal income! Several reasons have contributed to this state of affairs.

First, the target audience has become the millennial generation, which has grown up and achieved purchasing power. The younger generation is not into bad habits, only eats the right foods, and condemns fast food.

Second, the pervasive desire for perfection and perfection has played its part. At a time when Instagram is full of photos of people with ideal proportions and flawless appearance, everyone dreams about a sports figure. Not only models or beauty bloggers, for whom beauty is the deciding factor, but also the typical office worker. Of course, you can get a perfect picture by pressing a couple of buttons in photoshop, but the fashion for it is long gone; it is the natural result that is valued.

Finally, a healthy and trim figure has become a tangible success symbol combined with a well-groomed appearance. If you look good and maintain a decent physical shape, then those around you automatically consider you a professionally accomplished, persistent, and ambitious person. And everyone always wants to be beautiful and successful.

Wellness means “good health” and implies a complex of essential components. Among them are sports activities, a balanced diet, and mental harmony.  

What distinguishes the adherents of wellness?

True lovers of a healthy lifestyle for meetings with friends choose a park or yoga. Those who do not have a friend for a healthy lifestyle organize special clubs where you can meet a like-minded person.

Even on vacation, female adherents of movement will not be satisfied with the beach and the pool but will opt for medical resorts to restore calmness and relieve stress. After all, in a metropolis, the need to relieve stress and tension occurs even more often than the desire to sunbathe. Also on their top vacation activities are hiking, diving, surfing, and running marathons.

Healthy lifestyle lovers also have different eating habits. From now on, there are no cocktails and coffee, only low-calorie juices. Vegetarianism and raw food are also on-trend. The phrase “eating to live” and living a healthy, balanced life is becoming more relevant. The search for alternative substitutes for dairy products begins because nutritionists do not recommend consuming milk after 30.

New sports trends


If earlier stretching, or, as it is also called, was given on-duty 10-15 minutes after the workout, this kind of physical activity is now devoted to full-fledged classes. It, without exaggeration, has become a significant trend in the sports industry. There is stretching with yoga, gymnastics, dance, and variations with power load. But among all this variety stands out zero stretching, which in some ways is similar to anti-gravity yoga. Classes take place in hammocks suspended from the ceiling, in which you perform a variety of figures, twists, and twists down your head. It’s not just about pulling leg muscles – this stretching involves all parts of the body. The result is impressive:

  • The spine is stretched.
  • Many problems with posture are solved.
  • Muscles and ligaments become more flexible and pliable.

Such exercises do wonders not only with the figure but also with the overall tone of the body.


Everything new is well forgotten old. The gym that Joseph Pilates invented 90 years ago is now back at the height of its popularity. Today, almost all models train on it, and professional dancers and athletes. Why do they love it so much? With the help of this uncomplicated design with a moving platform, straps and springs perfectly work out all the major stabilizer muscles. As a result, the load on the spine and joints is minimal. Exercises are done with your weight, but they are much more potent than in classical Pilates. In general, entire sets of exercises for different body parts have been developed for the reformer. After a couple of lessons with an instructor, you will realize that it is brilliant and simple.

Body ballet

You can hardly dance the dance of little swans at a mature age, and body ballet classes were not designed for that. The exercises are adapted for beginners and are essentially a mixture of aerobics, Pilates, stretching, yoga, and modern dance. Some of the activities are done on the bar, many of them are taken from classic choreography, but all of them are performed in light mode. There is no heavy strain on the cardiovascular system, no complicated stumbles, and jumps. Body ballet is so beloved; these classes can be attended even by those who fear their weak joints. The load is only on the muscles. The goal is to correct the posture tighten the buttocks, thigh muscles, and calves.


Triathlon is a sport that combines swimming, cycling, and running events. Despite its complexity, it is an Olympic sport gaining popularity among athletes and ordinary mortals of all ages. The boom came from Europe and America, where hundreds of communities for beginners are already open, and competitions regularly take place. Then, you could find triathlon sections only at sports schools for children and teenagers. Now they can be found for adults in many fitness clubs and studios. In winter, classes are held in swimming pools, on exercise bikes and running tracks, and in spring, they are moved to parks. 

Fitness Boxing

Who says that boxing gloves and a punching bag are the prerogatives of men? Women’s boxing, or as it is often called “fitness boxing,” is another fashion trend this season. Women’s boxing groups are opened both in fitness clubs and unique studios. Immediately notice that there will be no violence here. Unlike classic martial arts, fitness boxing is much less traumatic. Instead of sparring in the ring, more time is given to exercises in a stand with jumps and practicing punches on the bag. What is the purpose of all this? First, it improves coordination and reaction speed. No other sport, not even dancing, can do this as quickly and effectively as boxing! Secondly, excellent work out leg muscles, thighs, buttocks, and fast lose excess weight in this kind of fitness. Just imagine how many calories are burned after an hour of standing in a constant half-jumping on half-bent legs with a straight back? And another plus of fitness boxing is the psychological component. Fragile girls also need to let off steam, and it is better to do it by beating a punching bag than dishes in the kitchen.