On Saturday Cleveland Indians pitcher Carlos Carrasco, who was placed on the IL in June with a blood disorder, revealed that he is battling leukemia.

In a video the 32-year-old right-hander said it was discovered during a routine blood test after spring training.  After a follow-up blood test he was diagnosed with leukemia in May.

“I never thought that I would have something like this, because I play baseball, I’m like super healthy or something like that.  But you never know what’s going on inside your body.  When I found out, it made me even stronger, then I push myself to work through this.  Then I have a lot of people behind me, helping me, especially my teammates and family.”

Carrasco said in a separate statement that he expects to return to the Indians at the end of July.  He certainly has a great attitude about the whole thing.

Several MLB clubs showed support for Carrasco on social media.  We obviously wish him the best.

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