Sport is one of the most exciting and burning topics in the whole world. This is not just an abstract concept, but an entire cult, around which many people build their lives. Sport, like everything else, develops and moves forward along with all of humanity. Many different interesting facts and events are connected with it, we will share some of them in this article.

Fact one

Today boxing is considered one of the most popular sports. It has a lot of fans and fans. However, before boxing was considered an illegal game. Officially, they were allowed to study only at the beginning of the last century – in 1900.

Fact two

Another, even more beloved by many sports is football. The football world championships unite the most different people, and the national team of every country seeks to take part in them. However, there is only one country that participated absolutely in all world championships – Brazil. It is not surprising, because football is considered the national sport in Brazil.

Fact three

It is known that in the martial art of judo and not only is the so-called given. Dan is a Japanese rank in many martial arts. But in judo, contrary to conventional wisdom, there is not ten, but twelve dan. But no one was ever awarded the eleventh one, and only one person in the entire history reached the twelfth – the founder of judo Dhigaro Kano himself.

Fact Four

Mike Tyson – the famous American boxer, who performed in the heavyweight category. In total, they held fifty-one matches in the professional ring, and twenty-one of them, which is more than forty percent, Mai Tyson ended by knockout in the first round.

Fact five

At the moment, the highest basketball player in the world is a player from China under the name of Sun Minmin. His height is two hundred thirty-six centimeters, and weight – one hundred fifty-two kilograms.

Fact six

In the National Hockey League, there was a case when the players scored a goal in the third second of the game.

Fact seventh

If a professional volleyball player comes into play, the ball after impact is capable of speeding up to one hundred thirty kilometers per hour. And the professional kick of a hockey player makes the puck fly at a speed of one hundred and sixty kilometers per hour.

Fact eight

The Stanley Cup is a hockey prize, which is awarded annually to the winner of the National Hockey League. However, the cup itself is deposited in the Hockey Hall of Fame, located in Toronto. The winner only gets a copy of the cup.

Fact nine

The Vatican also has its own national football team. In history, there was only one international match held by her. The rival was the team of Monaco, the game ended in a draw.

Health and Sport

Scientists have conducted research and identified the following interesting facts about the impact of an active lifestyle on well-being:

  • for the elderly, the most useful sports are tennis, badminton, swimming, cycling;
  • the more we move, the better the memory works;
  • sport is the best prevention of depression, diabetes, and stroke;
  • physical education and a reasonable diet – direct salvation from obesity;
  • sports activities have a positive effect on the sexual health of men and women.

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