Looks like the Russian UFC fighter does not focus his wrath solely on McGregor. Despite a very intense relationship with the Irish legend following the post-match brawl, it looks like Khabib has some other opponents inside and outside the octagon. His new target? None other than Nate Diaz and the UFC 239 could have taken a bad turn if not for the prompt intervention of security personnel. Check out the full story of what happened between Nurmagomedov and Diaz in the exhaustive article we prepared for you! 

An Old Spark Being Brought to Life 

The current UFC lightweight champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Nate Diaz got in a verbal altercation after both being present for UFC 239. Even though we are used to seeing Khabib taking shots at McGregor, this time his target was none other than Conor’s ex opponent in the octagon. As Dana White confirmed in the post-fight press conference, Khabib and Diaz started a verbal altercation which was rapidly put to an end by security as well as all others around the two athletes at the time. Eventually, Diaz had to change seats because it was proven that having the two close to each other is not a good idea. In the end, Diaz left the T-Mobile arena before the Melendez fight took place. 

The eyewitnesses present in the arena said Diaz was making his way up to his seat when he crossed paths with Khabib and with such a volatile history together, it was enough for something to start. Back in 2015, during a World Series of Fighting, Diaz threw some punches at Nurmagomedov alongside his older brother Nick that reportedly threw a drink towards the Russian fighter. 

Luckily though, this time it didn’t get to throwing punches or anything else because everyone was fast to react and contained the situation before it went beyond verbal. Despite no upcoming fight between the two, they both have to prepare for very interesting bouts. Diaz will fight against Anthony Pettis in August while Khabib is looking forward to unify the UFC lightweight titles by facing Dustin Poirier in September. 

Khabib vs Dustin Poirier

And talking about the possibility of unifying titles that Khabib has if he defeats Poirier, the Russian wasn’t afraid to express his thoughts about this upcoming bout. The undefeated UFC champion says that while Dustin Poirier is tough, he claims he’s not on his level. The event which will take place under UFC 242 in Abu Dhabi, will bring us a real clash between two of the best fighters around. However, Khabib doesn’t seem to agree with the importance of this fight saying that all he wants to do is maul people. It doesn’t matter if it’s Dustin, Tony or anyone else. It’s the same for him as he just wants to destroy opponents in the cage. And if you check out his 27 win streak throughout a 11-year career at top level, you kind need to agree with the Russian. He also wanted to make it clear that he doesn’t mean to underestimate Dustin, however, he doesn’t see him as a worthy opponent. 

Besides all the talk about his opponent, Khabib also delivered a sneak-peek on how he is going to approach this fight. After saying that he was surprised to see Dustin defeat Max Holloway for the featherweight title, the Russian added that it will be a totally different experience with him. Khabib said that Dustin is a tough guy and he had good fights against striking guys, however, he will wrestle all night long. Adding that he believes it’s going to be a very tough night for Poirier, the Russian said his plan is to get him tired by continuous wrestling and make him tap. 

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