Lucas Mollberg, an e-sports enthusiast, founded Bestbonus in 2010 to give something back to the people who spend their time and money on e-sports. Bestbonus has become one of the most prominent esports communities in New Zealand. 

In this interview with Lucas Mollberg from Bestbonus, you’ll learn how he grew the company from a small startup to one of the leading online game and gamble review companies in Europe and how he handles growth, product launches, and marketing, sales, and more.

I recently got the chance to sit down with Lucas Mollberg, and ask him some questions about his company, its services, and the current trends in online gambling and casino games. Many people claim to know what they are doing, but it can be hard to tell if they do or not. Bestbonus knows precisely what they are doing and why, and Bestbonus founder Lucas Mollberg explains that very well in this interview!

Who is Lucas Mollberg?

My name is Lucas Mollberg, and I’ve spent almost my entire adult life in the gaming sector. I’ve always been fascinated with casino games and have spent a lot of time around them since I was a kid. Today, I run sites like and a few others that help gamers worldwide receive the most outstanding possible casino experience.

I’ve been in the iGaming industry since the beginning, and I manage many expert sites, including, that are aimed to help players learn how to play different games, as well as make the most of the promotional offers that the operators have for them, and more.

Why did you start BestBonus?

I started BestBonus for fun in 2010, just as a side project. I had invested in forex trading a couple of years earlier and realized there was no information on Swedish forex brokers. We started by just translating broker descriptions from English to Swedish. Later we started making our articles based on what we learned while trying different brokers. After a few months, we got some traffic and decided to build an actual website with forums and everything. That’s when it became serious.

How did you come up with this idea?

Our first two clients came to us after they failed at creating an affiliate program themselves. They both failed because they didn’t do any research. So when we started Bestbonus, we knew we wanted to provide a solution for people that want to create their affiliate programs in casino games and online gambling; but don’t know how or where to start. That’s why we created our product – it is a simple and easy way to begin anything without worrying about all of the technical stuff.

What does your team do, and what does your business look like now?

We’re a team of experts who analyze our members’ gambling and betting experiences to provide them with straightforward advice that helps them earn more money. We use data to build useful apps, create compelling content, and develop guides that help our members be successful gamblers. And we’re one of those sites people love to hate – mainly because we expose just how bad they are at gambling. This can be hard for people to hear but is good news for us. Why? Because most people have terrible luck when it comes to gambling and would love nothing more than some helpful advice on how to improve their chances of winning. We started as a single website back in 2010 but have since grown into an entire network, including our sister site, Best Casino Bonuses featuring 20+ websites that reach millions of unique visitors every month.