Will smoking pot help you get in shape? Ever thought about getting high before going HAM at the gym? Due to marijuana’s widespread use, scientists are now advocating the many benefits of complementing leg day with marijuana. Researchers previously believed that the feelings of euphoria that runners experience, known as runners high came from the release of beta-endorphins into the brain. Yet, new research suggested this feeling comes from endocannabinoids or natural, THC like substances that our bodies produce. So, by ingesting THC before a workout, weed’s anti-inflammatory properties go into effect; you can train harder and longer without hitting a pain threshold. 

THC also interacts with the neurotransmitter, Anandamide, which creates a feeling of happiness and relaxation. This interaction allows you to go for extra reps by reducing pain and helps prevent next-day soreness by reducing muscle tension. Marijuana also acts as a bronchodilator – which allows more airflow to the lungs. Bronchodilation is the precise reason that consuming cannabis while competing in Olympic sports is banned by the world anti-doping agency. Despite these rules, canna-athletes seem to be everywhere. 

Three-times Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, Denny Prokopios, says, “cannabis is the ultimate tool for health, relaxation, and helps me control my ADHD.” Canadian snowboarder gold medalist, Ross Rebagliati and MMA fighter Nick Diaz have also pointed to marijuana as a tool in their training. But ganja isn’t the magic potion for every workout.

Several fitness experts have also claimed by experiences and researches that using weed before and after a workout can really be helpful in many ways. Many users say that cannabis or magic mushroom dosage has proved helpful to get the proper diet when they want to increase the weight and body mass by as cannabis works as the natural appetizer. This doesn’t mean that if you work out after toking will increase your appetite and you are not likely to lose weight. But it is really important to know what quantity of Mary Jane should be consumed when you are using it while exercising to lose weight.

A 1987 sports medicine study that examined a spin class found that marijuana caused subjects to tire faster than those who didn’t use it. That same cycling study found that smokers had elevated heart rate and blood pressure while spinning. Also, using THC to mask the pain while exercising could cause you more harm, since your pain receptors will be dulled when toking. And if your joints are hurting it is the time to stop. If you are looking to combine smoking with getting swole, then it is important to take it easy. Pick strains that keep the psychoactivity to a minimum so you can work out without losing motor control or hurting yourself.

According to the Drug Policy Research Center, “the sweet spot” in order to maintain your focus while working out is 2 to 3 milligrams of THC. Edibles are preferable if you’re going to be doing heavy cardio, so coughing and dry mouth will be limited. And, outside of THC, most of the benefits we mentioned can be achieved by consuming CBD oil for a mellower effect. So, whatever you do, be aware of your surroundings, call it quits if you’re feeling dizzy, keep your form, and don’t try anything you haven’t done while sober.