Texans receiver DeAndre Hopkins and his on-again, off-again model girlfriend, who he’s been linked to since 2016, Amina Blue are expecting.  This according to a source, who sent us some information about the couple, including why his social media “relationship” in August with Iggy Azalea lasted only one day

“DeAndre Hopkins got Amina pregnant. She’s roughly 3 months along. That’s why his so called relationship with Iggy lasted only a day. Because he secretly knocked up Amina. She confirmed she’s pregnant on IG. She makes baby mama number 3. He already has a Daughter with one & son with another girl.”

The source also sent us several screenshots of Amina attending Texans games in October.  In them she’s wearing a Texans jersey, socks with DeAndre’s face on them and a couple that she took of him on the field.

We reached out to Amina and she did confirm that she is pregnant.  We tried to get her to name Hopkins as the father and she wouldn’t confirm or deny it.  She did give us a “LOL” when we told her we could consider her silence as a yes.

See more of Amina Blue below, including a couple of shots where she’s covering up what appears to be the beginning stages of a baby bump.