LeSean McCoy has earned the reputation as one of the most effective running backs in the NFL. Now, on the other side of 30, a lack of production this season and the Bills’ 2-7 record has him contemplating his short-term playing future.

The Bills running back has been a no-show to press conferences and when media members are around in general as of the past week or two.

McCoy chose to keep many of his frustrations to himself the past week and a half. 

“We can’t complain and pout about it. We’ve just got to find a way to win games and make it happen,” said McCoy of the Bills offense. “There are plays to be made that we’re not making. We’ve got to play better, got to play smarter. It’s as simple as that.”

McCoy is aware time is running out for him. He knows his opportunities to reach the ultimate game at the end of the season are shrinking.

“It might take a little longer than I expected now,” he said. “We’ve got some games left to add onto that and make some corrections and help my teammates out. We’ll look forward to this year and next year putting it back together. This thing happens fast. You can have a bad season and the next season is a good one. Bad game and the next one is a good one. It’s a matter of pulling together.

“Being an older player, the urgency is up. I want to win now and add on to my legacy of course and have a chance to get a ring. So those things are on my mind so when the frustration builds from losing… because every player has a clock. I’m good friends with Frank Gore and we talk a lot, especially lately and we talk about those things.”

McCoy’s off the field issues have everything to do with his lack of production. You can’t focus on football and score TD’s when legal issues are weighing you down. 

Can’t be easy. 

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