Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has converted Danica Patrick and her sister into Packers fans. Danica is now living in Green Bay, but she’s not always around, due to  an overwhelming amount of travel. 

So far she’s been to 3 games this year. 

The other games she didn’t attend were losses for the Packers. So you guessed it, the Packers are 3-4-1. 

From our tipster

Looks like she may not be in Green Bay this Sunday for the game against the Dolphins. 

Check out her screenshot below: 

We are hearing that she’ll be back for the game. Guessing she will have to leave New Orleans first thing in the morning, which would get her to Lambeau in time for kickoff. 

Thank God, the Packers really could use another W. 

Who could have guessed that Danica would turn out to be the Packers good luck charm. 

We know Olivia Munn wasn’t

Check out some pics of the Packers lucky charm below: