Saints head coach Sean Payton spoke with the media on Wednesday morning and appeared to be wearing a Roger Goodell clown shirt under his sweatshirt.  

The sweatshirt was strategically unzipped to reveal the top of Goodell’s head.  

Barstool Sports, who put the shirts on sale following deflategate, caught wind of Payton’s attire during his press conference and tweeted out a picture of him wearing the shirt.

Goodell has become enemy number one to the Saints fan base since the no-call in the NFC Championship game.

Payton isn’t the first coach to put on the popular t-shirt.  Then Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia wore one after getting off of the plane following a Super Bowl win back in 2017. 

Although I don’t agree with why Payton’s wearing the shirt, I have to say I respect the hell out of him for wearing it.