Russian boxer Sergey Kovalev, one of the most decorated light heavyweights of his generation, has been hit with an $8 million dollar lawsuit stemming from an alleged assault of a woman and her dog in June of last year.

Per a report from TMZ today, the Russian boxer is being sued by Jamie Frontz, who volunteered to be named, after she alleged that she was beaten by the boxer at a residence in California last summer.

Model and TV actress Frontz claims that she met Kovalev at the opening of a boxing gym in Big Bear, California, after which the Russian and a friend followed her home.

The lawsuit states that the boxer attempted to aggressively have sex with Frontz, which prompted her dog to attempt to intervene. She claims that Kovalev pushed and kicked the dog away.

After that, it states that the former world champion punched Frontz “with full force directly in the face one time with a closed fist,” causing a broken nose, concussion and other related head injuries

Writing on Instagram on Tuesday, Frontz said that the “truth” of what happened between them will come out.

“I hear that he is denying on his social media that he punched me in the face,” she wrote.”I’m curious as to how he explains the fact that I suddenly wound up with a shattered nose, an open head wound, a concussion and two spinal injuries when he was standing 3 feet away from me in the living room of my own cabin (infuriated because I wouldn’t have sex with him, so much so that he had just viciously kicked my dog Annie), and there’s an eye witness who saw the whole thing.

Addressing the matter on his own Instagram account, Kovalev asked his fans for patience and called for people to reserve judgement until all of the facts are available.  

Translated: “I would like to ask all of you not to make hasty conclusions on the situation in which I am accused and put into the light in a not entirely biased manner, he wrote.“After all, you do not know the details of what happened. For me, this most of all seems to be a performance in which I play the main role by not will.“Doesn’t it seem strange to you that the incident happened in June of last year, and they announced it on the eve of my rematch against Alvarez?”

Kovalev is scheduled to rematch Eleider Alvarez in Texas this weekend. The Russian suffered a seventh-round TKO defeat to the Colombian fighter in their first meeting last August. 

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