As the International Soccer world winds down, and with it the myriad of betting tips soccer, the National Football League opened the 2021 season last September, almost all teams evidently prepared for upgrades and brought some major modifications in their strategies to compete with other teams this year. But, just like in every sports competition, only one team can be awarded as the champion and take home the trophy.

The Buffalo Bills, considering their winning record, should be again awarded as the AFC East champion this year. However, the question which a lot of football fans are getting curious about is whether or not any of their rivals in the division would make it to the playoffs. The team, together with their coach Sean McDermott, firmly believe that they can make it to the championship this 2021 season, after a rigorous yet satisfying run to the American Football Conference Championship Game last season.

Analysts have said that the Buffalo Bills feature the most loaded and strategic lineup in team history, and that both players and coordinators have created a unifying and winning culture that contributed well to the advancement of the team. This year, their ultimate goal is to get to the Super Bowl and bag the championship to finally erase the frustration that has long stayed for 30 years, since losing four consecutive times in the 1990-1993 seasons.

Studying the NFC and AFC divisions, NFL analysts have been concluding that there are six teams with an ultimate shot to win the Super Bowl, and one of them is the Buffalo Bills. The Bills’ matchup with the Ravens in the divisional round should be the determinant on who would take home the trophy as these teams are said to be the toughest of the whole NFL participating teams.

In terms of their winning odds, the Buffalo Bills definitely have it big. Their offensive line, led by Dion Dawkins and Mitch Morse, gets back complete and more healthier which will make it harder for the opposing teams to compete with. Devin Singletary, their running back, returns with more strength and agility after a year in hiatus. Their quarterback Josh Allen, on the other hand, is a fearless runner who rushed a total of 421 yards last season. This, along with the addition of Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley coming fresh from their prime seasons, has been preparing the Buffalo Bills to be dangerous enough in comparison with their opponents.

What’s more, is that the Buffalo Bills’ linebacker is pretty solid. Four of their linebackers, including Milano and Edmunds, are rated among the NFL’S top 32 linebackers entering the season by Pro Football Focus. And although their defense was not as strong last season, the return of some of their key players and defensive tackles is very much promising.

As long as the team’s roster stays healthy and their defense returns to its old shape, the Buffalo Bills can, without a single doubt, bring down Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Therefore, with all this consideration, placing a bet on the Buffalo Bills this season will pave way for a higher chance of winning. If you want to place your bet on the team, there are online sports betting casinos that offer no deposit bonuses in the USA!