The NFL Season 2021 has been nothing short of thrilling as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won against the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 and bagged the championship in Super Bowl LV. With this record, it’s highly probable that the Bucs will be repeating this season’s history and secure the championship again next season. But first, a speculation on which teams will be competing in the Super Bowl LVI is necessary.

First, the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys are the teams most expected to enter the upcoming season. With Philadelphia focusing on the reconditioning of their franchise and the return of Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott from hiatus that was caused by a serious leg injury he underwent last year, these two teams have the highest chances of making it to Super Bowl LVI. Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens, on the other hand, will be surely entering the most demanding games for the next season.

Considering their track records, here are the top NFL teams that we predict have the strongest chances of winning Super Bowl 56:

#1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

It is a no-brainer that the Buccaneers are at the top spot of the list of teams who have the best odds to win Super Bowl 56. As a strategic move, the team plans on returning each of their starters at the 2020-2021 season. Although they faced many roadblocks heading into the 2021 NFL off-season, the Buccaneers still possess a strong feature enough to be maintained at the top list of teams with the most winning odds: Tom Brady.

#2 Kansas City Chiefs

Unsurprisingly, the Kansas City Chiefs makes it to the list mainly because its members, especially quarterback Patrick Mahomes, made it an eager mission to get back from their loss and rewrite their team’s unfortunate circumstance in Super Bowl 55. The Chiefs have planned and organized their offensive line to protect their quarterback for the next season, leading a number of NFL analysts to predict that Kansas City Chiefs would take home the 2021-2022 season trophy with a record of 17-0.

#3 Baltimore Ravens

Thriving despite the fact that they have one of the tightest schedules during the 2021 season, the Ravens are looking forward to winning not just three playoff games but a Super Bowl. In fact, Lamar Jackson, the team’s quarterback, won the first playoff game of his entire career last season. But before jumping off to the Super Bowl, the Ravens first need to strategize against the Kansas City Chiefs and win a game in the American Football Conference Championship games.

#4 Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams made a whole show this off-season, one that includes the trading of their quarterback to Matthew Stafford from The Detroit Lions. The team ended last season with the best defense in the entire NFL, and they are hoping to win the championship for Super Bowl 56 by heavily relying on their defense together with their new player, Stafford.

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