After dominating the Tokyo Olympics, USA’s women volleyball players are dispersing to their pro teams around the globe, according to a news report on The MVP of the Olympics, Jordan Larson, is returning to China’s Shanghai women’s team to play for the fourth season. Megan Courtney-Lush, who signed with Imoco after making a name for herself as one of the top receivers in Europe, will return to Italy. Meanwhile, Kathryn Plummer will join her after a tremendous season in Japan. Both will utilize their skills to try and take Kim Hill’s place, who retired from professional volleyball this past summer. 

Hancock will return to Novara for her third consecutive season and will be joined by Washington, a fellow Penn State alum who proved to be one of the world’s best middle blockers at the Olympics. Many players have made it to the best teams globally, some have returned to their teams from last season, and new faces are also reporting to professional teams. If you’re aspiring to get into professional volleyball, there are several things you need to know, including how to choose the best volleyball shoes. Read on to get clear insights on how to become a professional volleyball player.

A Training Regimen Is A Must

Like with any other sport, training is an essential part of becoming a professional volleyball player. During training, you’ll learn various drills that will enhance your overall performance. For example, pepper drills aim to improve ball control. On the other hand, free ball transition drills help volleyball players establish offense skills and enhance their footwork. You’ll also learn essential on court volleyball positioning, rotations, and formations.

Given that volleyball demands strategy, quick decision-making, and effective communication, you must understand each on-court position. These positions include outside hitter, middle, setter, libero, and opposite hitter. Also, get to know the different formations, rotations, and the player’s role to get a clear picture of what to do once you’re in the court.

Join A Collegiate Team 

Joining a collegiate volleyball team is one of the best ways to gain recognition in the world of professional sports. Experts recommend being part of a top-ranking college team to get exposure to professional volleyball training. You’ll also have numerous opportunities to participate in tournaments at home and overseas, thus increasing your chances to sign with pro teams.

Play For A Team Overseas

Another great way to get into professional volleyball is by playing for a team overseas. Professional volleyball organizations abroad like Brazil, Italy, and Russia give foreign players a chance to make millions of dollars. However, getting the attention of international volleyball teams isn’t a straightforward process. You must know how to market yourself by creating a simple resume, showcase your skills using a video of you taking part in two college or national team matches, and provide references. 

Playing professional volleyball requires a proper diet, a high level of endurance, and physical ability. With this in mind, create a training routine that helps you master all the drills, on-court formations, positions, and rotations. Also, register with a collegiate team, the association of volleyball players, and participate in various tournaments held in your state and abroad.