When you are into sports, you always focus on buying a pair of shoe, right? This is true for whatever type of sports you are playing. Putting on the best sports shoe is not actually about showing off the brand or style you have. It is because this boosts the confidence of the player. Therefore, it adds to a better gameplay.

Just like any other sports, volleyball is one the games, where you have to put on the best volleyball shoes. Now, remember that in this game, you are required to walk, stand, jump and run. Therefore, it is very important for your shoes to be designed for playing such sports.

Imagine playing volleyball and putting on inappropriate type of rubber shoes. How long can you endure the game? And then, when you run, how comfortable it is. How about the base of the shoes, is it designed for the type of floor or ground, where you are going to play the game?

Maybe you are thinking that you can just wear any type of shoes that you want to when you are playing a game like volleyball. You are wrong because this pair of shoes must be able to meet the requirements of the environment as well as how active the game is. Now, if you have no idea about what type of shoes to buy, then we have here a few factors for you to consider before buying a pair to use.

The Outsole

The outsole of the shoes must be a priority. Do you know that a volleyball shoe must be designed with a higher traction than any other type of athletic shoes? For example, when you are going to play on a hardcourt, then the floor is somewhat slick. Therefore, the sole must be able to handle a greater amount of grip. Through this, you will be able to manage quick moves as well as more precise movements. Another good thing, why volleyball players need more traction is to prevent them from sliding during the game.

This has to be made of fairly soft as well as slightly flexible material made of rubber. And then, it must also be designed with an ample amount of tread and flex. Through this you will be able to curl towards the ball of the foot. And do you know what an amazing traction is? That is, the ones with an intricate tread pattern.

The Essentials

Cushioning, support, weight and durability are the most important essentials of the best volleyball shoes that you have to choose. Without the proper cushioning, it would be difficult for you to jump around. You will also need to absorb the shock after a high jump or a take-off. So, for your comfort needs, it would be ideal to consider the cushioning. You also needed enough support for the ball of your feet, especially your ankle because you move a lot.

Most of the volleyball players are supposed to weigh less because it helps them to remain alert. For this reason, the materials used are usually synthetic or mesh. This helps have a lightweight as well as breathable feature. Light though durable is an ideal type of volleyball shoes. Therefore, it must have the right upper and good sole.

Anatomy of the Shoes

It is also good to learn about the anatomy of your shoes. There must be a heel counter, which is usually made of plastic. This helps in providing the structural support of your heel. The upper part of the shoemust be made of a leather or synthetic material for lateral stability. This must have mesh panels for breathable feature. The toe cap and toe guard must be there for a more durable type of shoe.

There must also be a heel cushioning because it helps in making a harsh landing. The insole and midsole is for providing comfort and extra support. And then, the forefoot cushioning is for your additional comfort.

Fits Right

It is very important for you to find the right fit of shoes. I can say that it perfectly fits you when the shoe fits relatively snug, but it is not too tight. If possible the space is not more than ¼ or ½ inches. Your heels must be able to move around a bit without slipping. And then, there is plenty of ankle support that keeps the foot from moving.

So how are you going to fit your pair of volleyball shoe? If possible, you should prefer buying shoes in the evening because during this time, your feet usually swell. Do not forget to bring or put on socks when fitting the shoes. If possible, use the ones that you wear when playing volleyball because this would be for a better fit. And then, make different moves, so that you can observe if there are pains, discomfort or irritations.