o answer the titled question, our readers first need to fully understand what a betting platform is and what it is not. These types of endeavors are a kind of bet-assisting software that functions by gathering the odds from the best online bookmakers. 

Nevertheless, betting platforms are not bookmakers, as they neither offer odds nor interfere in the wagering process at any instance. That’s exactly what VIP-IBC does: showing the offers side by side in order to facilitate their quick comparison for punters to select as many as they want and place their wagers simultaneously.

Once the first concepts are out of the way, it’s time to check what makes a platform good. For instance, we can say that the first two conditions are the reliability of the bookmakers they cooperate with and the quality of the site’s services. 

In that regard, it is true that, though rare, there are some good platforms out there. However, though VIP-IBC can claim to be neither the first nor the only, they can certainly claim to be the best simply because they go beyond the basic services. To convince readers, let’s take a closer look at VIP-IBC’s offer.

No empty talk

VIP-IBC has an administrative team that actually listens to their bettors. Their mission, besides handling the operations of the site, is to acknowledge their client’s suggestions as much as possible and upgrade the platform’s services as soon as possible in accordance. 

Moreover, considering that upon entering the online sports betting industry, punters will inevitably have to choose a sportsbook. Therefore, an evaluation of the brands in the market becomes imperative in order to mitigate the dangers of getting scammed out of your money. 

The difficulties come when you realize such a process takes way too much time and effort. Even worse, it also requires a level of experience and knowledge that novice punters rarely have. It is exactly then that the process VIP-IBC calls bookmaker’s vetting shines the most. 

In a nutshell, the best betting platform developed an extensive questionnaire with all of the aspects of a respectable and profitable bookmaker, together with technical and administrative characteristics. Only those that comply with such a vetting process are selected to be allied bookies. 

An easy-to-use UI with plenty of betting options

It’s time to talk about the technical aspects of VIP-IBC’s website. As expected, the best betting platform prioritizes fast loading, comfort, and overall efficiency. As such, their site has a modern design that despite being attractive enough doesn’t have excessive decorations that could be considered distractive. 

Furthermore, all the wagering options are displayed in an orderly manner (side by side) and the UI has a good degree of customization. To top it off, all content is available in 30 different languages.

By the time of this publication, there are 17 allied bookmakers that made it through VIP-IBC’s vetting process. Impressive names such as Betfair, Betdaq, and Singbet are among the most relevant. 

Moreover, since all odds on display are of the highest value and can be combined with each other, the number of offers essentially determines the betting limits. In other words, the more cooperating bookmakers VIP-IBC has, the bigger the chances for profit that its users enjoy.

Customer service and Finances

Having the backing of experts in the matter is an enormous advantage regardless of the field, yet it is particularly more so when it comes to online sports betting. VIP-IBC knows it and that’s why they have put at their punters’ disposition a team of professionals in customer support that’s always available regardless of the time. 

They are extremely capable and provide actual answers and solutions to any inconvenience punters might have with the platform’s functioning. 

Regarding the deposit and withdrawal methods, VIP-IBC operates with several types of currencies and cryptocurrencies through bank transfers, e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill, and crypto-wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. 

Moreover, following their claim of being the best betting platform, VIP-IBC just recently added a solution for those potential users that don’t trust electronic money transactions: CashToCode, a method through which bettors pay cash on affiliated stores to fund their betting accounts. This is the undoubtedly and unmistakably great package of features that those that open an account at the best betting platform can enjoy.