There is an incredible number of supermodels In Brazil. It is truly amazing how sunny shores and tender
warm water flows combine with bronze skin beauties and create the most attractive view you will ever see.

Today we will show you pictures of another super-model beauty from this country, this is the stunning
Isabeli Fontana. She looks incredibly sexy in photos in underwear from a photo shoot for a new collection
of Un.i.

Isabeli Fontana may not be included into your list of favorite Brazilian fashion models, since there are really
a lot of them and there are many beauties to choose from. But, nevertheless, Isabeli Fontana deserves our
attention like no other model. Just take alook at this amazingly hot, talented and professional poses! She
can charm many men across the world by only striking a pose, because the curves that it possesses are
perfectly flawless.

Who is Isabeli Fontana?

Isabeli Fontana is the worldwide and well-known Brazilian model of a commercial type. The striking beauty
of Isabeli Fontana is often brought to participate in beach photography: this sultry Brazilian looks especially
sexy in a bikini. The supermodel was in the ranks of Victoria's Secret angels for good reason. This top model  is called a sex symbol not only in the homeland, but all over the world, and photographers idolize her for
unbridled exotic beauty and the ability for avant-garde transformations.

The Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana can pose gracefully and sexually. She already appeared in the Victoria’s Secret catalog at the age of sixteen (what a striking achievement!), which caused a furor and a great
resonance in the beauty and modelling industry. But the situation was ambiguous, because the brand
claimed that the company does not work with models under the age of 21. In addition to Victoria’s Secret,  Isabeli Fontana collaborated with Chanel, Max Mara, Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, Versace
and many other brands.

On the cover of the August issue of Harper's Bazaar Singapore, Isabeli Fontana poses in a velvet Ralph

Lauren dress and Cartier jewelry. The model was captured by the talented Chinese photographer Yu Tsai.

What was her most successful beach photo shoot?

There are some smoking hot photos of the Brazilian photo model Isabeli Fontana of 2013. Once again, she
demonstrates her ideal sexy body with perfect curves, advertising a new collection of swimwear from the
company Morena Rosa Beach.
This woman is a proud owner of an amazing body. It is enough for her to appear in her underwear or in a
bikini to enchant all men and women by her stunningly unique look. It’s hot, like a hot summer day. This is  real Brazilian perfection! Morena Rosa Beach adds to model’s portfolio as one of the most successful photo
shoots. Interesting, will Isabeli Fontana please the eye of fashion followers and just admirers this year? Will
we see another incredible work of art, performed by this Brazilian beauty?

What is the secret of Isabeli Fontana?

Isabeli Fontana confesses that her campaigns for Versace, Chanel, Valentino were not always perfect. She
managed to enter the team of Victoria Secret angels very early, when the enterprise made an exception for
the young 16-year-old model. Besides that, she has two children – her sons Zion and Lucas. She gave birth
to her first son in marriage with Alvaro Giacomossi. The second child was born when she was married to
the actor Henry Castelli. Isabeli Fontana is divorced with both of her husbands. She had some ups and
downs, searching for the perfect husband (if you are interested in international dating, check out (

Today she lives in New York. She recently got married to a Brazilian musician Diego Ferrero.