The greatest of all-time in the NBA debate is a never ending one.  Most argue it is between LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

Others throw Kobe Bryant’s name out there.  One guy on Twitter sent out a tweet about Kobe being more skilled than LeBron and Kobe agreed by liking the tweet.

“If you were a baller, you’d know that kobe is more skilled than Lebron..”

Kobe would later unlike the tweet, but the internet already had all they needed in the form of a screenshot of his likes.

The move by Kobe proves he isn’t better than LeBron.  First he should have retweeted the tweet, not just liked it.  Second he shouldn’t have unliked the tweet once it got out that he had.

You think you’re more talented than LeBron, then jump in with both feet and own it.  There are a ton of Kobe defenders that will argue on your behalf, even though they would be wrong to do so.