19-year-old Italian soccer star Nicolo Zaniolo has asked his 41-year-old mother to stop posting sexy pictures of herself on social media.

Nicolo Zaniolo, Roma’s emerging 19-year-old star, has asked his mother, Francesca Costa, to not post any more sexy photos on social media. “Enough, mum! What are you doing with your mouth like that? You are 40 years old!”

Despite her son’s objections, Instagram appears to be a big fan of what Francesca Costa is doing, bad duck lips and all.  Her following is currently up to over 367k and counting.

Here’s a look at what she’s been up to.

We’re going to guess the love from the gram will be stronger than her son’s objections.  

After all, almost anyone can have a child.  Not anyone can have a large social media following.