Paul Finebaum Show caller and Mississippi State superfan Steven “Stingray” Ray is suing Barstool Sports and WorldStarHipHop.  

According to Matt Wyatt Media, the lawsuit stems from a meme that a picture of Ray in it.

The suit uses one example of Ray sharing a photo of himself on a birthday lunch at Hooters with a waitress. Barstool, according to the lawsuit, took the picture and added the words, “how can someone look like a child and a child molester at the same time.” The lawsuit alleges Barstool did such without Ray’s consent and, “in a willful, wanton and malicious manner..”

Later, in the intentional infliction of emotional distress portion of the lawsuit, it states Barstool, “did so only with hopes of gain in mind, that the publication of this altered photo have damaged the reputation of the Plaintiff (Ray).”

Dave Portnoy responded to the lawsuit on Barstool Radio.  According to the Barstool Sports President, he wrote the story with the the WorldStarHipHop meme in defense of Stingray.

Man, the internet can be a weird place sometimes.  

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