Alex Rodriguez has been peak supportive boyfriend at tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards, taking pictures of his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet and filming her incredible Vanguard artist performance.

In return for all this, Lopez gave ARod a very personal, heartfelt shoutout at the end of her Vanguard Award acceptance speech. “Alex, you’re like my twin soul,” she started, with him beaming in the audience.

“We’re like mirror images of each other. My life is sweeter and better with you in it because you make me realize every day the sky is not the limit. The universe is infinite and so is what we can accomplish together with love, trust, and understanding. There is so much more to do, to experience, and there’s no one I’d rather do it with, baby. You’re my macho, and I love you.”

A-Rod finally hit the jackpot with Jennifer Lopez. She’s completely transformed his public perception. Before her people were saying A-Rod who? Now, not the case.