With Andre Iguodala failing to take the floor, some of his Memphis teammates have become frustrated with his actions.

After being traded by the Golden State Warriors for cap relief, it was widely believed that Iguodala would be traded to a contender by the Grizzlies.

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The trade occurred last July and there is still no resolution in sight.

Following Monday’s game against the Detroit Pistons, teammate Dillon Brooks called out Iguodala and wants to show the discontent veteran what the Grizzlies are all about.

In the wake of Brooks’ comments, Stephen Curry, who played with Iguodala for six years, subtly weighed in on the situation. Curry shared an image of Iguodala with the Larry O’Brien trophy on his Instagram story with a “shush” emoji.

Just hours later on Tuesday morning, standout rookie Ja Morant took a shot at Curry by posting a photo of Kevin Durant with his two NBA Finals MVP trophies on Twitter as to say that Durant was responsible for Golden State’s last two NBA titles.

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