Yea that’s a thing. 

Former Chicago Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler is a man of many talents. 

On his wife’s latest reality show on E! titled Very Cavallari, she shared some information about Jay, possibly too much information. Also known as TMI. 

 The reality star spoke about how she was having trouble breastfeeding her child because she had clogged milk ducts in her breasts.  Then she made the big reveal. 

“Major clogged ducts. Jay had to get them out for me, sucking harder than he’s ever sucked and you know what? Saved my life,” Cavallari said.

Watch below: 

Well that’s how you tease the rest of the season. 

Jay clearly has found his groove. 

Playing football was never really Jay’s thing, as anyone who watched him could see his body language on the field.

Now he’s a reality star with no expectations. 

And if you’re going to unclog someone’s ducts, not a bad person for it to be. 

Check out what I mean below:  

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