Courageous, accurate commentary by Dan. I’m sure stick-to-sports-Guy/girl is having a meltdown somewhere, but one of the many reasons I left is that I was tired of the pretense Dan discusses here. I did not want to wait for an athlete or coach to give me permission to discuss the broader issues and problems in our society. And even when receiving that permission, I wanted to be brutally honest, which is a tough deal when working in corporate America.ESPN isn’t a political network, but to me (and Dan), racism isn’t political. It is right and wrong. Silence or tolerance of racism IS racist, because that means on some level, you’re OK with other people being dehumanized. I do not blame ESPN for its approach, because their primary function is to serve fans and make money. But some things are just bigger than that.

Not surprising to hear that she supports Le Batard for his comments.

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