Jenelle Evans walked out on the Teen Mom 2 reunion after host Nessa Diab, who is in a relationship with Colin Kaepernick, confronted her about comments she made about him online.

Here is the comment in question below:  

And in part two which was just released, Jenelle returned to the stage with her mom Barbara, after Dr. Drew Pinsky spoke to her backstage.

She is seen backstage with Dr. Drew where Jenelle said:

‘She couldn’t wait until the end, until we were done? before talking about herself: ‘I’ve been having so many medical issues this whole trip and the first thing that happens, I get out on stage, I get attacked.’

She told him she had not idea who Colin was or what he was protesting, saying:

‘Didn’t he kneel at the football game? That’s what [husband David] didn’t like. I didn’t know anything, I still don’t know anything about him.’ 

After returning to the stage, she continued to claim she didn’t write those tweets but Nessa told her she is still holding her accountable to them because it was and still is published on her account. 

Nessa said:

‘At the end of the day, it’s still your account. Whether it was you or somebody else, I can only hold you accountable for it because it came from you. You do have a big platform and there was so much information that wasn’t true on there, it was so hurtful to me, my family, to so many people, because that was a false narrative. Just so everyone is aware, that is not from the other day, these are old posts and I’ve stayed quiet because I was waiting for a healing moment to talk to you Jenelle.’ 

She answered:

‘I’m just sick of everyone from this show coming attacking me. It’s everybody, adding: ‘You could have waited until the end’ but Nessa said it would have been ‘fake’ to do so and have a conversation going on with ‘that kind of hurt’ inside.

Colin Kaepernick continues to be a relevant topic. 

Not sure Nessa didn’t purposely bring him up to help continue his relevancy.  

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