It was another cakewalk for the reigning champ yesterday, as he easily won a 30th straight game to bring his total to $2,323,971, quickly approaching Ken Jennings’ non-tournament record of $2,520,700.

During the show, the professional sports gambler revealed on the show that he once dropped a decent amount of cash in his profession. 

Via USA Today:

James Holzhauer told host Alex Trebek that the most he ever lost on a bet was $20,000. When Trebek asked him if he was married or single at the time, Holzhauer responded, “Single.” The audience got a chuckle out of that one.

Holzhauer, 34, said he waits to update his wife on the profits and losses. “We don’t discuss until the end of the season where the bankroll is going,” Holzhauer told Trebek, per Deadline. “It’s better that way.”

Holzhauer has mentioned gambling references during his record run. He sometimes uses an “all-in” hands gesture as if he were pushing in all his chips into the pot.

And he once said he would bet “two dimes,” explaining to Trebek that it meant $2,000.  

Thank goodness he’s a sports gambler, allows us to cover him, because we all know technically Jeopardy! is not a sport. 

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