Kawhi Leonard might be the best player in the NBA Finals without KD on the court, but his star doesn’t shine as brightly as the Warriors’. 

The 27-year-old does not reside in the spotlight the same way Steph Curry or Kevin Durant do, and he’s quite alright with that.   

Via nbcsportsbayarea.com

“I’m not playing the game for that reason,” Leonard told reporters in Toronto on Wednesday. “I’m playing to have fun, and trying to be the best player that I can be. I’m happy with myself and what I’ve done in my career, and I’m just gonna keep going from there. It’s not about me being famous, or me wanting to have more fame than those guys. It’s about me playing basketball.”

Just imagine how big of a star Kawhi would be if he had even a little bit of a personality.  

Personality wise, he’s really only known for a maniacally crazy laugh, and that’s pretty much it.   

His New Balance shoes also say bland and boring.  

He’s definitely a breath of fresh air in an overcrowded field of NBA stars. 

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