Via CBS Sports:

“I’ve actually watched him coach,” Jones told 105.3 FM the Fan after hearing the rumors. “I’ve watched him work with younger players in the pros. He’s outstanding. He has all the credibility that you could ever imagine both from knowing what he’s talking about plus as the sensitivity or perception that he has with people skills. 

“He’s really good. He generates excitement so that with that energy package that he’s got, along with — just I would say — his understanding of how to maximize his talent, which he did. He had, as I mentioned earlier, the great talent package. But boy, he got a lot out of it and consequently played to it. 

“And I think he can coach that. He can be a great coach.”

I don’t know if Deion would be a great coach, but he will certainly be entertaining.  There’s no way he would be able to control himself and it would be great for College Football.

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